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Positional Talipes - physio only?

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jasperc163 Fri 24-Apr-09 12:54:18

Is there anyone here whose LO was born with postional talipes? DD has seen physio who seems to think it should correct on its own (with stretches done by us) but I am concerned that this isnt going to be enough as it looks quite marked to me. DD is now 3 weeks and no noticeable improvment.

I had something similar when i was born (which makes me wonder if there is a hereditary element here) and had my legs in plaster from 3 weeks to 4 months - all fine after that. Obviously i don't want to go down this route but at the same time if it is necessary I want it dealt with sooner rather than later, before she becomes mobile.

So, if your LO did have physio - did it work and how long did it take to correct itself (it is bilateral)? Should i be seeing a significant improvment in the next few weeks ? If so, and it doesn't get better, who should i be trying to get a referral to (DD is covered on husband's health insurance).

many thanks

bruffin Fri 24-Apr-09 17:39:45

My DD was born with positional talipes. We were given stretching excercises to do and they sorted themselves out within weeks.
I don't think they are hereditary, I just thought it was the position in the womb, her feet were right up inside my ribs for the last few weeks and she was born at 37 weeks. As a toddler we were advised for her to wear shoes that were supporting to the ankle, ankle boots were ideal.
She is 11 now and her ankles do go over slightly.

jasperc163 Fri 24-Apr-09 17:58:58

thanks bruffin,
what do you mean by 'within weeks' ? She sees the physio next friday by which time she will be coming up for a month old. I am just trying to work out when i should start trying to get a referral (if necessary).

Glad to hear your dd is ok now :-)

bruffin Fri 24-Apr-09 18:16:15

Sorry it was a while back now, I am sure it was weeks rather than months.

jasperc163 Sun 26-Apr-09 11:16:22

thanks bruffin.
Anyone else?

gasman Sun 26-Apr-09 12:27:53

Physio only advised now. Very rare for them to need more stuff done. Casting / surgery is done very rarely now.

If you want to see someone privately you need to see a Paediatric Orthopedic Surgeon.

Worth doing a bit of research if you are going to pursue this as most of them subspecialise a bit (ie some will be better/more interested at developmental foot stuff than others)

jasperc163 Wed 29-Apr-09 21:51:02

thanks gasman. Hope I am just panicking about nothing. We are seeing the physio again on friday - 2 weeks on. I suppose i just don't know how quickly it should fix itself ?

AnyFucker Wed 29-Apr-09 22:02:18

if you have only been doing the physio stretches for 2 wks then that is not enough time to make a decision that it is not working

speak to the physio when you see her/him on Friday

do you have an appt to see a paediatrician about it? Ask the physio if there is a CTEV clinic that you could be referred to if you have concerns

I really feel it is too soon to give up though

JoeJoe1977 Thu 30-Apr-09 10:25:40

DS1 had this too, thought to be because he was quite a long baby and I'm not very big so he was a bit squashed inside. It took a couple of months to rectify with us doing the exercises, but all well now (he's 3.5ys).

RaspberryBlower Thu 30-Apr-09 10:42:22

DD had this. I'm pretty sure it took longer than 3 weeks to correct, but I can't remember how long exactly, sorry. She isn't really pulling herself up yet and is 1 in a couple of weeks, so I'm just keeping an eye on that. I was a late walker though, so I'm not too worried.

pushki Thu 30-Apr-09 14:49:46

Please try not to worry - I'm a paediatric physio - and whilst a few weeks at the moment seems a long time for you not to see any improvement, that's normal. There is also a huge difference between positional talipes and CTEV ( Congenital Talipes Equino Varus) so with respect, some people may cause you unecessary worry by referring to treatment their children may have had for CTEV - which as I say is HUGELY different! Perhaps ask your physio to clarify with you the difference when you see her next.

Most poistional talipes will self correct with no other intervention required - just time. Even if the feet still look a little 'bent' when your DD starts walking - they still have the capacity to improve by themselves.

Ask your physio to explain in more detail with you and I'm sure you will feel reassured - good luck!

RaspberryBlower Thu 30-Apr-09 18:35:09

Can't speak on behalf of OP but I find that reassuring pushki, thanks.

Bubbaloo Fri 01-May-09 10:30:44

Ds1 was born with Talipes(both feet) and spent the 1st 12 weeks or so in casts.
He's now nearly 4 and after just wearing his boots and some stretching exercises his left foot is near perfect and the right foot is also alot better.
We do still get his boots from the hospital,but he also wears 'normal' shoes and trainers too and you wouldn't know he has any problem with his feet.
Only downside is he does fall over quite a bit more than other children his age.
We were also told it can be hereditary and my mum was born with something very similar and wore boots til she was 12.

Gillyan Fri 01-May-09 14:50:04

I was born with this and I had a cast on for 6 months when I was about 14 months old.

My friends little girl has it too and she is 3 in July and not had it sorted yet.

Good luck

saintlydamemrsturnip Fri 01-May-09 14:51:38

DS2 had positional talipes. It took a while but they did straighten out.

AnyFucker Fri 01-May-09 15:12:29

how did your appointment with the physio go today, OP ?

jasperc163 Sun 03-May-09 12:44:49

thanks for all the replies. Physio felt that there was some improvement - DD seems able to flex foot to normal position herself, but obviously alot of the time holds it in the talipes position. She knows i am concerned so said she would ask a friend who deals with referral cases at local hospital to look too - so they are both going to come back in a week or so.

readthethread Wed 05-Apr-17 18:25:01

i know this is an old thread but DD age 12 has been complaining of a pain in her foot.
i took her to see a podiatrist today - apparently she has one very flat foot. When she was born she did have talipes - but with a bit of massage from dh they opened out and straightened out within days, certainly well before the 6 week check when the GP asked about them from the birth notes, we had mostly forgotten all about it it went so quickly and easily.

however the podiatrist said the flat foot is very common in children with talipes and she will now need orthotics in shoes. the podiatrist is surprised she's been ok until now as her foot is very flat - she has tended to favour very supportive shoes over fashion.

i wish we had done more when she was born, is there anything we could/should have done?

any advice on a flat foot / orthotics / exercises she could do?


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