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Rash - shingles , allergy ?

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LIZS Tue 14-Apr-09 19:19:10

ds has a spotty rash in a broken band running from centre of chest to middle of back. Mixture if rash spots and the odd angry looking blotch. He has complained on and off for last few days of back pain and has scratched it. Otherwise is fine.

Do 11 yr olds get shingles ? If he had been swinging on ropes or used a harness to climb I'd have put it down to a contact allergic reaction or friction burn. He has been out inthe garden in trees and bushes so could have reacted to sap or been stung. Have put aloe vera gel on but not made much odds so far.

Seona1973 Tue 14-Apr-09 19:56:06

they can get shingles if they have had chicken pox in the past. You could take him to the gp and they would diagnose for you.

LIZS Wed 15-Apr-09 09:05:49

He had c'pox about 8 years ago. Rash is sore to touch adn he says it hurts under his arm (presume a gland ?)

Seona1973 Wed 15-Apr-09 09:17:48

Shingles - does the rash look like this?

LIZS Wed 15-Apr-09 09:24:01

I'd say slightly less individually spotty , more generally red and some large blotches. Would he be contagious if we went to gp ?

Seona1973 Wed 15-Apr-09 09:36:45

with shingles, you could have a chance of passing on chicken pox but that is with direct contact with the fluid in the blisters. If you kept them covered up it should be ok. Check with the receptionist first though.

SlightlyMadStirrup Wed 15-Apr-09 09:39:25

Shingles is not contagious as long as the rash is covered.

SlightlyMadStirrup Wed 15-Apr-09 09:42:29

sounds like shingles BTW

LIZS Wed 15-Apr-09 10:40:31

off to gp later

LIZS Wed 15-Apr-09 14:43:12

Bene to gp and a paediatrician for diagnosis fo shingles ! Now got to dose him up on Nurofen and Piriton.

LIZS Mon 29-Jun-09 20:26:40

ds been back to gp today with a cough that has persisted for 10 days and a rash - now being referred back to hospital as she thinks they should have taken blood tests and she wants to know if it is still in his system hmm Anyone had experience of similar ?

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