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Oh hell, pharmacist won't give me Medised

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giveusabreak Mon 13-Apr-09 11:44:22

DD (3.5y) is writhing with itchiness from chickenpox at night, weeping and so uncomfortable. We have done oatmeal baths (seemed to make her more itchy), bicarbonate baths (helped a bit but she can't sleep in a bath), piriton makes her hyper and calamine cream has no effect. Just been to Boots and the pharmacist said he wasn't allowed to sell it for use in a child under 6. Both DD and I totally wrung out from basically no sleep for two nights. I want her to get some rest. She is in bed with me at night so I can keep an eye on her. I suppose I coudl go to another chemist and lie but I'm not wild about doing that and anyway it's Easter Monday not much open round here. I knew all about it being banned in under 2s but not under 6s. Is it because some parents are using it as a sleeping drug - surely they are exactly the sort of people who will just lie to the chemist anyway hmm

ruddynorah Mon 13-Apr-09 11:47:05

but you are wanting it as a sleeping drug aren't you?

Northernlurker Mon 13-Apr-09 11:47:16

I thought it was under twos as well? Seems ridiculous to me. Could you send your dh to the chemist and he could lie?

Northernlurker Mon 13-Apr-09 11:48:33

ruddynorah - her child is ill - she is exactly the case that a medication with a mild sedative effect is intended for. It's not like she plans to medised her to sleep every night!

TrinityIsGettingABabyRhino Mon 13-Apr-09 11:49:29

no ruddy she wants to use it for what it is intended for
to releive the itch so the child can rest/sleep

I got refused when I asked to buy some for my 9 year old
apparently you have to be 12

just send someone else in who says its for a 12 or 13 year old

ruty Mon 13-Apr-09 11:49:49

but you are wanting it to get your dd to sleep. i sympathise with the sleep deprivation but it won't last long.

ruddynorah Mon 13-Apr-09 11:50:12

merely pointing out the irony of her last point.

ruty Mon 13-Apr-09 11:51:01

have you tried calpol?

giveusabreak Mon 13-Apr-09 11:51:03

no I want it to give her relief so she will get some rest which I think would really benefit herhmm I also have an 18mo who is a rubbish sleeper and I have never given her anything to make her sleep. If DC1 does sleep then I will still be up 3 or 4 times with DC2.

InTheScrum Mon 13-Apr-09 11:51:08

Can you ask for Phenagan?
It's a antihistamine that can have a mild sedative effect. If I recall correctly, it's better tolerated by children who get hyper with piriton.

giveusabreak Mon 13-Apr-09 11:52:01

calpol lowered her temp a bit but that was it. Thanks for the support from those who "get" what I am saying smile

ruty Mon 13-Apr-09 11:54:26

yes try doc they might have an idea over the phone, out of hours. I detest Medised and think it is good that they have banned it for under twos, sorry.

Northernlurker Mon 13-Apr-09 11:56:19

You could try for a placebo effect I suppose - give her something - honey or anything and tell her it will make her sleep. In some children that would relax them enough to let them sleep naturally - depends what stage her itching is at really - but if she's very tense about it that might be keeping her awake as much as the medical problem iyswim.

TrinityIsGettingABabyRhino Mon 13-Apr-09 11:56:29

really ruddy
you dont see the difference???

shit thats sad

she wants to releive symptom so the poor child can rest

the same reason I was trying to buy it for dd2 who sucjs her thumb but was so cingested she couldn't breathe through her nose and was coughing and coughing

i have used it before and it really helped clear the cingestion and so then she could sleep which she obvioulsy needs to recoup

I am up every two to three hours or sometimes every fucking 30 mins with gecko I have never 'drugged' her to sleep

Northernlurker Mon 13-Apr-09 11:57:11

But Ruty - the op's child is over two and has a medical need! She isn't trying to unjustifiably drug her child!

TrinityIsGettingABabyRhino Mon 13-Apr-09 11:57:41

and I can spell congested

ruty Mon 13-Apr-09 11:57:47

my ds was also prescribed Eurax cream for the itching, IRRC. Might be something better topically than calamine lotion.

lollyheartstheeasterbunny Mon 13-Apr-09 11:57:57

What about calpol night? i think its similar to medised

ruty Mon 13-Apr-09 12:00:23

I just think it is odd, they have withdrawn it for a reason, not to be cruel but to protect children. If i post a thread wondering whether i should give my dc antbiotics i am told i should always follow doc/pharmacist advice so with Medised why should it be different? I don't like anything that knocks children out so dramatically. I do sympathise with horrible chickenpox and lack of sleep, just think it is banned for a reason.

ruty Mon 13-Apr-09 12:01:54

can you get Medised on prescription for under 5s? If not they are not just trying to stop parents giving it as a sedative, there must be a real medical reason why they have withdrawn it.

TrinityIsGettingABabyRhino Mon 13-Apr-09 12:03:37

I have never heard of or experienced it myself that it 'knocks' kids out so spectaularly

my children and those whose parents I know have never sen any diference except the symptom releif
before it was banned I gave it to gecko so she could bf and she still wokle all night as she alwasy does BUT she could breathe through her nose so she could bf

they have recalled it because of MISUSE not because the correct dose is a harmful thing to gove

TrinityIsGettingABabyRhino Mon 13-Apr-09 12:04:46

what is it then ruty

if you are so against it do you actually know the real scientific reasoning behind the banning

I only know what has been on the news and in the papers and it clearly stated it was because of misuse

littleducks Mon 13-Apr-09 12:05:07

piriton liquid? should stop itchy

or ask gp to prescrbe medised

littleducks Mon 13-Apr-09 12:07:47

just seen piriton makes her hyper, calpol night?

ruty Mon 13-Apr-09 12:19:27

no i don't Trinity. I just find it odd that on all other points the consensus is to follow what we're told from NHS but on this point parents are prepared to lie to get medised. I have never used it but have seen here and heard from parents i know that they use it on long flights as a sedative. I know that is not the case for you or OP, and i get your problem totally [i remember having to use saline drops almost constantly when dd too congested to feed] but if it were just misuse that led to the pharmacy ban you should still be able to get it on prescription. If you can't there must be a genuine medical reason behind the ban.

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