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dd swallowed olbas oil dh has taken her to A&E someone tell me she willl be just fine

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bigmouthstrikesagain Sun 29-Mar-09 12:43:17

About 40 mins ago dd1 (3 in a couple of weeks) was in the bathroom obviously climbed up on the loo and reached the olbas oil dropper bottle(we have been using it on her pillow as she has a cold).

I was in the bedroom with dd2 and heard a gagging noise ran to see and found the open bottle and dd saying bleurgh etc. her breath stinking of olbas oil. Had dh phone NHS direct and they said to take her to A&E straight away. sadShe has only had a few drops as the bottle is still 3/4 full and we have been using it alot this week.

I am worried and feel awful that it has happened please has anyone had this occur to their dc??? Is it going to be alright?

Nabster Sun 29-Mar-09 12:44:10

I don't honestly know but she is in the best place. Try not to worry and I hope they are both home very soon.

LilRedWG Sun 29-Mar-09 12:45:29

Like Nab, I don't know the answer as have no experience but she is in the right place.

bigmouthstrikesagain Sun 29-Mar-09 12:47:00

Thank you Nabster and Lili I just feel really redundant and can't think about anything else - dd seemed just fine but I hate to think what this stuff could do to her insides.

CharleeInSpring Sun 29-Mar-09 12:48:10

Try not to worry, they will contact the poisins (sounds extreme but they deal with everything you can ingest from real bad stuff to an od of vitamins) team and they will calculate her wieght and the amount she has drunk and see if it is a possible harmfull dose, they might make her drink a charcoal liquid which i won't lie is horrible but it will nuterlise anything she may have ingested.

Both my boys have been there and were fine its just precautionary.

bigmouthstrikesagain Sun 29-Mar-09 12:52:05

Thank you Charlee - I will bear that in mind and try not to panic While I continue to wring my hands... until I hear from dh I suppose

bigmouthstrikesagain Sun 29-Mar-09 12:53:44

What bothered both of us was that the NHS direct nurse said they would keep her in for 6 hours supervision - which will be agony for a 3 yo - not to mention dh sad feel so very guilty.

CharleeInSpring Sun 29-Mar-09 12:54:06

Don't worry i was still worried sick about my boys even though i knew all this, ds1 swallowed 4 anti inflamitary tablets and ds2 is always eating wierd things, he ate 2 toilet blocks once, i have no idea how he managed to chomp through them without being sick, his mouth was blue for weeks.

Nabster Sun 29-Mar-09 12:55:50

What time did they go?

bigmouthstrikesagain Sun 29-Mar-09 13:07:30

They went about 12.30 pm so hopefully dh will be there nown he (it is a 25 minute drive) god knows when dh will ring but I will be in knots until he does.

bigmouthstrikesagain Sun 29-Mar-09 13:09:17

Toilet blocks - cripes that must have been so stressful - It is amazing what they will eat when a plate of innocent looking lasagne is beyond them!

cornsilk Sun 29-Mar-09 13:11:56

Hope you get good news soon bigmouth.

LynetteScavo Sun 29-Mar-09 13:12:11

Bleugh - that stuff is foul! No wonder she was gagging. I managed to ingest some in the middle of the night when trying to open some when DS1 was little. I was fine, it just tasted dreadful.

bigmouthstrikesagain Sun 29-Mar-09 13:17:00

Thank you for all the messages.

DH has rung they have been seen by nurse and now waiting for the doc. I could hear dd chatting away in the background so she still sounds fine but they are still saying up to 6 hours obs.sad

hopefully this will get chalked up to experience with no long term damage done. hopefully hopefully.

Nabster Sun 29-Mar-09 13:19:39

Are you going to join them or can you take in some books or something for your DD and a paper for DH?

edam Sun 29-Mar-09 13:20:05

I'm sure dd will be fine and of course A&E will do everything they should for her. Ds once managed to find some rat poison (I had no idea there was any rat poison in the house, left by a previous owner) and it turned out OK, thankfully.

(Am trying to restrain myself from giggling about charlee's toilet block when bigmouth is still worried.. but not quite succeeding! blush)

CharleeInSpring Sun 29-Mar-09 13:25:53

Lol, giggle away at my expense, i know the protocal so well becuase my DS2 has magic powers of finding and eating things i didn't even know we had in the house! blush
I have completley gutted out thier bedroom only for ds2 to walk in thier empty handed and emerge with a biscuit or a bit of toast its bizarre!
Im waiting for him to emerge one day with a full roast dinner for me! grin

I always ring NHS direct first as they do have a database of everything and they can tell by the wieght and how much of whatever was ingested if its likely to do harm, some things he has eaten i haven't had to go in for. Shaving CReam anyone?! hmm

I know i sound blase about it, i honestly do supervise my ds and i do put things up high out of of reach but he is the master of climbing i often think i was invaded by a mountain goat when he was concived as he seems to be able to climd walls!

Im sure your dd will be fine Bigmouth but every parent worrys it is normal and frustrating for you i expect.

bigmouthstrikesagain Sun 29-Mar-09 13:28:03

That is ok Edam - it is funny - I hope to get to the laughing about it stage one day to.

I can't join them unfortunately - I can't drive and have dd2 (5 months) and ds (4 years) to look after - feeling doubly bad as dh is unwell himself (just a cold) so I just hope he can jolly dd and himself through this.

bigmouthstrikesagain Sun 29-Mar-09 13:38:34

Another update - YAY

DD is coming home - doc says there is nowt wrong with her she probably spat it all out... so home obs not necessary - I will be watching her like a hawk now anyway.

bigmouth does relieved dance and needs a cup of tea!!!

Nabster Sun 29-Mar-09 13:44:51

Brilliant!! grin

EffiePerine Sun 29-Mar-09 13:47:13

Oh good

edam Sun 29-Mar-09 14:16:42

Oh, you must be SO relieved.

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