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Rash on ears & cheeks, what could it be???

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coochicoo Sat 21-Mar-09 20:51:10

When my ds had a really bad cough once he woke up with what looked like a rash on his ears and down his cheeks. Really small spots, not raised, almost like when you suck on your hand and bring all the blood vessels up. Anyway, paranoid mother here took him to the Dr because the rash didn't blanch under a glass. Dr confirmed it was due to all the hard coughing.

I had a bad cough myself recently and got the same marks on my neck.

Orangutan Fri 20-Mar-09 19:30:33

Forgot to mention he has a cough and runny nose too!

Orangutan Fri 20-Mar-09 19:26:37

22 MO has rash that started on ears (& ears are very red & hot!) and is now on his cheeks, no fever & he seems fine otherwise, what could it be??

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