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DD has suddenly developed a really flaky scalp, what should I do?

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CharCharGabor Fri 06-Mar-09 13:24:55

It's only on the top of her head and it's little individual white scales that every so often build up into little clumps which are slightly yellow. Doesn't seem to hurt her but it does seem itchy and she has dandruff. It's come on in the last few weeks or so. I have eczema and some of my family have psoriasis. Does it sound like one of those? What should I do to help her, or should I just go to the doctors? TIA smile

Divvy Fri 06-Mar-09 13:27:14

My teen dd has this, and its eczema. She has some hair stuff to put on it, when it flares up. Take docs, to get some stuff.

AMumInScotland Fri 06-Mar-09 13:28:09

My DS used to get that - we found that the T-Gel medicated shampoo sorted it out, he still has to use it at times to keep his scalp from getting a bit like that.

Divvy Fri 06-Mar-09 13:28:38

ps, I left it at first as thought it was dandruff, but the patch got bigger and sorer

CharCharGabor Fri 06-Mar-09 13:32:52

Thanks for that. She's 19 months, can I use medicated shampoo on her. Will pop to the docs next week to see if they can help.

AccidentalMum Fri 06-Mar-09 13:34:12

DSD and DD1 have exactly that, as does DH if is hair is longer than 2mm which isn't really an option for the girls. It is fungal, I believe. I just ignore it with DD1 and very rarely wash her hair, but this shampoo helped DH when his was longer.

PuppyMonkey Fri 06-Mar-09 13:34:36

It sounds very like my psoriasis. I've passed it onto my dd too. sad

T-Gel should sort it out!

AccidentalMum Fri 06-Mar-09 13:36:03

Pharmacist referred to it as 'proper dandruff' BTW. Would definitely go to the doctors about the shampoo, DD1 has thick curly hair, so you can't see it, but if it was fie, I would be more inclined to do something about it blush

PuppyMonkey Fri 06-Mar-09 13:38:28

EEk. Don't used dandruff shampoo on psoriasis - that's my advice speaking as one who has suffered the consequences. A Doctor will just give you a Coal Tar shampoo, that's what T-Gel is. So just get T Gel. I would try it as it does no harm anyway even if she hasn't got it.

CharCharGabor Fri 06-Mar-09 14:01:49

Thanks for the advice. Her hair is quite fine atm but I'm expecting it to get thicker as she gets older as our hair is very thick. I'll give the T-Gel a go I think and if it doesn't help I'll go to the doctors. Poor child, I hoped she'd escaped all this.

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