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Very sleepy 2 yr old following bout of s & d - help

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bobblesmum Wed 04-Mar-09 10:04:04

My 2 yr dd has slept almost solid now for 4 1/2 days following a very bad bout of s & d which started on Friday - is this normal?. I spoke to doctors and they said she is recovering. she is still only sipping water - will not drink rehydration fluid - but has just started asking for milk again and is keeping this down. all she seems to do is sleep wake have a drink want a cuddle and then go back to sleep again - she is not really interested in food except yesterday she asked for some crisps? Im new to this site after searching the net for help. thanks.

Seeline Wed 04-Mar-09 10:14:58

Not really able to help I'm afraid but bumping for you. IME once DCs have stopped actually s+d, I tend to let them eat what ever they fancy just to get their strength up - regardlesss of whether it's healthy. I should think your DD is probably just exhausted - particulalrly without having any food inside her. Things I've had relative success with - watered-down apple juice to drink gets some sugars back into them and tastes nicer than the rehydration stuff! Similarly lollies etc Also icecream quite successful. Hope she's better soon.

bobblesmum Wed 04-Mar-09 10:40:49

thank you, she has just woken up and eaten some sugary weatabix but still seems very sleepy. forgot to say, I also keep checking for rashes! she seems to have woken up with a chesty cough! - will it ever end?

ilovemydogandMrObama Wed 04-Mar-09 12:23:24

Personally, I would take her in to see the GP.

DS was admitted to Children's Hospital at the weekend with severe vomiting, and he was quite dehydrated. They said at hospital that if it persists for more than 3 days, it could be bacterial and therefore she may need antibiotics.

Could you call the GP again and say that she has developed a cough, and this combined with her low immune system could be cause for concern?

Horton Wed 04-Mar-09 16:35:18

Hi, my two and a half year old is also having terrible s&d at the moment (since Saturday). She is currently on her third nap of the day, having been awake for a grand total of about three hours. I saw our GP this morning who said 'just keep giving her clear fluids and whatever she fancies to eat, within reason'. He did say to bring her back if things haven't improved in a couple of days. I'd take yours in to see the GP if you can. It won't hurt.

Mine won't drink Dioralyte either and is still being sick. I'm giving her watered down apple juice which seems to mostly stay down.

bobblesmum Wed 04-Mar-09 16:44:47

Ive been to the doctors who have put my mind at ease and say she is through the worst of it, she is finally on the recovery path. It is a very worring time and I hope her immune system improves so she dosent catch it again soon. thank you everyone.

Horton Wed 04-Mar-09 19:11:41

Glad to hear she's better. Mine is asleep in bed at 7pm for the first time in well over a year having filled her nappy with something resembling very runny greyish mustard a couple of times. Hope she perks up tomorrow.

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