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Ds just had an asthma attack :(

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alibobins Tue 03-Mar-09 18:21:58

Was looking a little pale when picked him up from nursery and said his chest hurtsad
Didn't want no tea so just gave him some fruit.
He then started coughing and wheezing sad couldn't catch his breath and was starting to look panicky.
I have given him his nebuliser and some prednisolone.
Question is would you take him to A&E to be checked out or just keep a close eye on.

KerryMumbles Tue 03-Mar-09 18:23:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

herbietea Tue 03-Mar-09 18:25:39

Message withdrawn

alibobins Tue 03-Mar-09 18:31:10

He's a bit brighter able to talk but just got a real deap rough sounding cough.
I was thinking just keep an eye.
Shall I give him neb before bed or just normal inhalors.
Consultant told us not to ring nhs direct as they don't know his history.

herbietea Tue 03-Mar-09 18:34:02

Message withdrawn

alibobins Tue 03-Mar-09 18:35:14

Bed time about 7.30

normansmum Tue 03-Mar-09 18:40:46

DO NOT give him another set of nebs. it masks deterioration in asthma if he cant cope on inhalers then he needs a&e. What do tyou mean by rough sounding cough? Is it really noisy as he breathes in?

alibobins Tue 03-Mar-09 18:45:26

No when he coughs he sounds like he's got alot of phlem but its not shifting up.
His breathing is quite calm at the minute.

normansmum Tue 03-Mar-09 18:55:34

well as long as he coping on inhalers he should be alright but if ventolin doesnt relieve wheeze breathlessnes after 2 puffs please dont mess about but get him straight to a&e. Good luck hope he well soon

herbietea Tue 03-Mar-09 18:55:40

Message withdrawn

alibobins Tue 03-Mar-09 19:20:57

Off to A&E don't think he's well in himself keeps complaining that his breath is funnysad and is wheezy againsad

herbietea Tue 03-Mar-09 19:32:34

Message withdrawn

smudgethepuppydog Tue 03-Mar-09 19:47:18

Was going to say no more nebuliser when I saw you were on your way to A&E. I wonder what it is today? DD has been well for weeks and suddenly her asthma has kicked in big time today.

I hope your LO is better soon.

alibobins Wed 04-Mar-09 19:52:32

We are home with a very grumpy little boy.
The asthma attack was brought on by a chest infectionsad
By the time we got him to A&E he was really wheezing again so we got rushed through to resus but after two more nebs and some oxygen he umproved enough to be taken up to the ward. He managed on 4 hourly nebs then this afternoon just managed on his inhalors so we were allowed home with abs more steroids and orders to return if he gets worse.

poshwellies Wed 04-Mar-09 21:50:30

if hes struggling to breathe or talk (always the main sign for my dd) I was ALWAYS informed to call 999.She had blues and twos for one such attack,was horrific.

Hope your son gets better asap-asthma is soooo worrying.

herbietea Wed 04-Mar-09 21:53:28

Message withdrawn

alibobins Wed 04-Mar-09 21:58:56

Herbietea- Have you been in again hope all is well.
We are back a week on monday then again the following wednesday.

herbietea Wed 04-Mar-09 22:03:20

Message withdrawn

alibobins Wed 04-Mar-09 22:10:44

Thats where all money goes lol
Just checked appointment and its 27th might see you theresmile

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