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would you take child prone to ear infections swimming?

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pillsthrillsandbellyaches Mon 02-Mar-09 20:55:17

my ds (2.9) has had 2 ear infections since xmas.

should i keep him out the water?

i feel bad because i'm not taking him to family swimming days, but i'm more concerned about his health.

if he went swimming would it bring on another infection?


scrooged Mon 02-Mar-09 20:58:01

Get him some ear plugs.

ArcticLemming Mon 02-Mar-09 21:00:29

Assuming his ear infection was in the middle ear (where they usually are i.e. earache and no obvious visible signs of infection) the water cannot penetrate that far and so won't cause any problems (unless he has a perforated ear-drum in which case I would speak to your GP).

Aimsmum Mon 02-Mar-09 21:00:37

Message withdrawn

apostrophe Mon 02-Mar-09 21:00:59

Message withdrawn

Aimsmum Mon 02-Mar-09 21:02:57

Message withdrawn

pillsthrillsandbellyaches Mon 02-Mar-09 21:04:22

thanks for idea of ear plugs, but he has autism and i dont think he would keep ear plugs in!

although they might be good for hair washing as it wouldnt be for as long.

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