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Has my son broken his cheekbone?

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charlie1000 Sun 01-Mar-09 22:43:57

My 5 year old son fell over in the school playground on Friday afternoon (just as I was picking him up) He has really grazed his cheekbone where he took the brunt of his fall. He fell hard as his hands were fine so they didn't cushion the blow. I cleaned it all up and put plenty of antiseptic cream on it and although it's very tender, he seems to be ok with it. However since then the swelling has come out and he has a really swollen eye, very red and puffy and it hasn't shown any signs of going down yet. I haven't taken him to the doctor but now I'm concerned, do you think he has a broken cheekbone? There are no lumps or unevenness but the swelling concerns me. I'm hoping it will be slightly better in the morning. Any experience of this sort of think. Please help!

ABetaDad Sun 01-Mar-09 22:49:10

I think if he did have a broken cheekbone he would be in absolute agony.

It sounds like bruising. Is he eating OK and playing normally?

Put some vaseline on to bring out the bruise and soothe the graze but obvioulsy if it gets worse I would be taking him to the GP.

bellavita Sun 01-Mar-09 22:51:04

Hmm, before christmas, DS2 collided with a boy whilst playing football (I think the other childs knee went into his eye). He had a corker of a black eye and his cheekbone was swollen.

The black eye took a while to go, but the swelling on the cheekbone took even longer.

We went to the dr's about a month/5 weeks after because he seemed to be left with a dent, but after being examined she said it was still swollen and it could be another couple of weeks before it looked normal again and to leave it till after christmas.

It finally went back to normal between christmas and new year.

Maybe just make an appointment for your own peace of mind?

charlie1000 Sun 01-Mar-09 23:00:12

Thank you ABetaDad and bellavita for taking time out to reply. Yes he seems fine in himself and although he's conscious not to touch it or knock it, he is playing/eating/behaving as normal so I think you're right, he would be making more fuss if it was broken. There are no dents at all, just a nasty scab forming and the swelling obviously, which is more around his eye than the cheek itself. Fingers crossed it's not, am worried but will keep close eye on him. How long will it take swelling to go down? Also what can I do to prevent scarring?

bellavita Sun 01-Mar-09 23:03:06

Wait until tomorrow and see how he wakes up. It could look a lot better (hopefully), but if you are still not sure, there is no harm in making an appointment.

As I said, it took a few weeks for DS's swelling to go down.

charlie1000 Sun 01-Mar-09 23:06:03

Yes you're right, I think I will anyway. Thank you

mistlethrush Sun 01-Mar-09 23:08:32

I think that eyes can go black even when the bump is a little way away. I agree - I think that if it had been broken he would be complaining more. Arnica is good at helping bruising - you might want to consider - although the cream that we have I think is for unbroken skin - but it would be fine on the black eye (ds banged his head recently and you could see where I'd put the arnicare cream as I didn't put it too close to his eye...)

charlie1000 Mon 02-Mar-09 07:28:28

Hmmmmm not happy this morning, more swelling around over his eye and first thing he said this morning was when he loks at people he can see 4 eyes and 4 nostrils. Taking him to a&e I think. Really worried sad

bellavita Mon 02-Mar-09 08:11:10

Better to be safe than sorry - let us know how you get on.

charlie1000 Mon 02-Mar-09 13:04:56

Back from a&e and after a long wait was seen by a senior nurse who didn't seem to think his cheekbone was broken (although she didn't x-ray) but since this morning I think the swelling has improved slightly so I think (and hope) he's going to be fine. Went to the pharmacist after so what they could recommend to put on scab to prevent scarring and they recommended bio-oil but she suggested I wait at least 2weeks before using it. Seems quite gentle and full of vitamins for the skin. Has anyone here used it and if so was it any good?

bellavita Mon 02-Mar-09 13:31:38

Oh yes charlie - I forgot about bio oil.

My husband used it on his tummy scar and I also used it on a small scar next to my eyebrow (had a small lump cut out), to me it did make a difference and I have no scarring at all now where the stitches were. DH's scar was large and although it is too big to disappear, I think it did soften it if that makes sense.

Am glad that your DS is ok though smile

charlie1000 Mon 02-Mar-09 14:16:28

That's great, thank you so much for your posts bellavita. Much appreciated grin

bellavita Mon 02-Mar-09 14:22:38


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