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space per bantam

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nickymorris Sun 01-Mar-09 16:09:13

My 6.5 month DS has got chicken pox and I have a few questions?

How long is he going to be contageous for? Internet has conflicting opinions on this...

Is it true that as he's under 1 year he could get it again when he's older

He's exclusively BF with a bit of BLW - any idea why he didn't get antiboidies from my milk? The doctor who diagnosed him was surprised he had it so young. And is there anything else I should worry about related to his age?

lucy678 Sun 01-Mar-09 16:10:16


lucy678 Sun 01-Mar-09 16:10:37

contagious for 5 days after first spots or summat
the cruting over stuff is old hat

nickymorris Sun 01-Mar-09 21:26:02

lucy678 was supposed to be a humerous chicken reference but didn't work!

Thanks for the info - will keep him away from other kids for a weekish then.


Millarkie Sun 01-Mar-09 21:31:11

My ds had chicken pox at 10 months and he caught it again a couple of years later, so yes it is true that if they catch it 'too young' they may not get full immunity.
We found the problem with ds catching it so young was that we couldn't give him anti-histamine based medicine which is meant to help them sleep through the itching.

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