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has anyones chld had roseola ?

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stuffing Sun 01-Mar-09 10:12:41

ds has it just wondering if anyone knows anything about it ?

AshleyJB Sun 01-Mar-09 10:18:52

Sorry for being ignorant, but what is it?

Ponders Sun 01-Mar-09 10:23:40

One of mine had it - fierce fever but not ill at all!


stuffing Sun 01-Mar-09 10:36:48

the thing is ds has had the rash for three days and its spreading more by the day its all over his face and in his hair he gets a high temp about twice a day since he had the rash and hes been sick twice do you think he needs to be seen again or let it run its course

Ponders Sun 01-Mar-09 10:39:38

That doesn't sound like roseola, stuffing - do get him seen again, in fact I'd ring NHS Direct & see what they say.

Did a GP say it was roseola?

stuffing Sun 01-Mar-09 10:45:55

couldnt get into see gp so took him to walk in centre and they said it was roseola prescribed him paracetamol and ibupofen and said to keep and eye on his temp
but reading the link his symptoms dont match up

Ponders Mon 02-Mar-09 12:09:43

How is he today, stuffing? Any better?

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