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linseed for constipation

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jocie Wed 25-Feb-09 13:18:03

My ds2 is 6m and gets quite agitated and often cry's when straining to do a poo. They arent really hard pellet like but they are more adult like than baby poo. We've been weaning for a couple of weeks now alongside his normal bm (4 in day and 1 night feed)and 1 bottle on an eve(he has never taken more than 5oz) but as he has eczema am very reluctant to introduce orange. We have tried prunes but won't tolerate them. The health food shop recomended linseed, I know ive used this myself but wondered if it was suitable for babies? Anyone know or have any other ideas?
4got to say he will not take water or anything other than bm/ff from a bottle or cup(and we've tried lots of different cups!)

chuckeyegg Wed 25-Feb-09 14:18:44

I asked my pharmisist if there was anything for DS when he was 18 months and he said he wouldn't give anything for a child so young. I really would not give him anything without consulting your GP.


babyOcho Wed 25-Feb-09 14:23:48

What about apple, grated?

It does sound that getting more water would help. Maybe try more watery food like corgette or ripe pears.

I was also told to lay off the bananas as that causes constipation.

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