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HELP: Dh just gone to hospital with ds (4moths) in ambulance... how the fark do they get home?

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yousaidit Mon 23-Feb-09 23:34:50

.. daft question, but we'd had just a couple of glasses of wine when we called nhs direct and they sent ambulance, dh went with ds while i stayed home as dd asleep.

if ds is released from a&e and i've just had a couple of large glasses of wine between 8 and 9 if i glug coffee am i ok to drive (shove dd in coat for a big adventure) or should dh risk getting taxi home with ds n knewe which i really ain't happy about?

poor ds has been hacking with coughing but went upstairs and fiund him sort of gagging and choking then non stop hacking coughing that almost sounds like screaming. masssively pale with two huge swollen pink eyes sad

don't even think this post will be much use but want to get it off my chest and sort out getting my chickadee home...

lisad123 Mon 23-Feb-09 23:38:04

Get DH to get a taxi back or ask at the hospital if anyone from transport can help. I hope ds is ok.

BenFMsmum Mon 23-Feb-09 23:38:18

Some taxi's have child seats in them although they aren't obliged to use them by law. Hope all is well with your lo

scrooged Mon 23-Feb-09 23:39:21

Sweetie, it sounds like he either has croup or broncialitis. I don't know a barbaric hospital that will allow a baby like this to leave late at night. The chances are they will be there for the night so pop there tomorrow. I know it's hard but he'll be looked after. If they do need to come home tonight then a cab will be OK for them.

LadyOfWaffle Mon 23-Feb-09 23:39:32

A large glass on it's own would be about 2 units - the limit. SO 2 glasses would be double, 3 triple etc. Coffee won't get rid of the alchohol, just make you more awake. I'd let them take a taxi home. I hope your DS is ok x

LauriefairycakeeatsCupid Mon 23-Feb-09 23:40:33


coffee does nothing, you need to accurately work it out - if by 2 large glasses you mean half a bottle of 12% then you will be alcohol free in the blood 6 hours after finishing drinking

To be safe get a taxi

NorthernLurker Mon 23-Feb-09 23:41:39

A taxi without a car seat driven by a sober and non-involved driver is most likely safer than a car driven by you when you've had a drink and a terrible fright! Hope you get your ds home soon but it will take a while for them to settle him so you could be in for a long night. If he has the option it might be better for your dh to stay in with your lo and for you to fetch them all in the morning?

SnowlightMcKenzie Mon 23-Feb-09 23:41:42

Sorry to hear about your lo. How frightening.

Taxi without carseat is safer than you driving, and for one unplanned journey it is also the only legal way to do it.

NorthernLurker Mon 23-Feb-09 23:42:53

Oh and oit sounds like croup to me too - it is absolutely terrifying isn't it? How old is your son?

bosch Mon 23-Feb-09 23:43:18

Get to bed, dh will need you alert in the morning if he's going to be up some/all of the night with your ds. Even if you don't sleep, rest.

Do not drive if you're not absolutely sure that you're safe - and even a little alcohol combined with being tired and stressed will affect your judgement.

Dh can sort out transport with hospital/taxi company.

good luck to you all.

NorthernLurker Mon 23-Feb-09 23:43:51

Ignore me - it's in the title isn't it - stupid NL!

Poor little mite - I think as he is so young the hospital will definately want to keep him in.

sb6699 Mon 23-Feb-09 23:43:56

Some taxi companies keep baby seats at their base (at least mine does) or the hospital may have one (esp if it has a maternity unit) so I would ask one of those.

Do not drink and drive!

yousaidit Mon 23-Feb-09 23:44:17

ta, i think i am working on soapland medicine treatment: eg, the rozzers are after me and i'm drunk as a skunk, quick, two espressos and no one's the wiser sort of thing... duh!

thanks for your posts, i'm sure it's (fingers very much crossed ) nothing serious but poor ds looked shocking and the gagging and screeching... arrggghhhh!

the worst thing is, we've had shockingly bad sleep for the past couple of nights and the house is now so quite i could get some decent kip but i can't sleep for fretting and waiting for dh to ring either to update me or arrange getting home. Gah!!! but i have done all my ironing.

yousaidit Mon 23-Feb-09 23:45:38

and hanks for tiops about taxis with car seats everyone, i never knew that!

lisad123 Mon 23-Feb-09 23:46:56

has dh got a mobile with him? Most hospital dont mind you using them now, so if your worried call him. When DD2 had bronchelist we were there for the night.

yousaidit Mon 23-Feb-09 23:54:04

ooh, thanks, thought dh would have been told to turn it off, will try ringing him now.

mind you, it was ds's christening yesterday and as i went home dh went to pub for an hour with his friends and stood at car waving me off after he had strapped ds and dd into their seats with his mobile in his hand pointing to it mouthing out 'i've got my phone'. shame he forgot to switch it on!

yousaidit Mon 23-Feb-09 23:59:19

hi all, dh rung, poor ds poss got brochilitis (?) so i am getting taxi to hospital to stay with dh and ds

but thank you al for your help ladies! night night!

NorthernLurker Mon 23-Feb-09 23:59:52

Google your hospital and ring their switchboard, ask to be put through to a&E and they will update you fully - without you fretting about dh's phone being on/off etc. Then go to bed - you need the sleep. Remember to have a big glass of water first though.

anniebear Tue 24-Feb-09 12:19:20

maybe expensive but if I had no one else to pick them up I would get the taxi come to my house first and pick up the baby seat then go to the hospital with it

Hope all ok x

anniebear Tue 24-Feb-09 12:21:03

sorry just read your last post

Hugs to you all xx

Nabster Tue 24-Feb-09 12:23:07

How are you all today?

yousaidit Thu 26-Feb-09 20:43:25

hello all, thanks for asking nabster!

ds has bot brovchilitis ?sp, came home with a nebuliser ?sp which does seem to be helping, and last night dd didn't wake up with her blocked nose so we all got a litte bit more sleep. am working on the principle of 'divide and conquer' so dh has been off work with ds and i have been keeping dd out of house at park and things so they don't breathe their germs on each other! fingers crossed!

oh, dear lord, i cannot wait to just have to wake up to do night feeds again!! grin

but my big lovely thanks top the a&e staff and childrens ward staff!

scrooged Thu 26-Feb-09 20:45:01

So pleased she's OK. It's a virus but it can come back again, they forget to tell the parents this sometimes smile

yousaidit Thu 26-Feb-09 21:23:12

i don't think they forget o tell you this, scrooged, they probably don't want to burst the parents fragile bubble of hopee that soon they will be getting some sleep grin. so thanks for that, scrooged angry grin grin

scrooged Thu 26-Feb-09 21:25:05

I used to work there so I know they didn't always mention it to the parents.

Sorry, at least you know now! sad It doesn't always come back for every baby.

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