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dribble/food/sleeping rash

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bumbly Sun 22-Feb-09 18:13:48

face of my little 18 month getting raw red and worse from sleeping on face

got cough and had cold so didnt help and sliva doing a lot of damage

e45 and vaseline not helping

what can i put on chin/cheeks to help alleviate redness/soreness?

DevilsAdvocaat Sun 22-Feb-09 20:15:37

does he eat tomato sauce?

bumbly Mon 23-Feb-09 08:45:52

not recently and yes that makes it worse!!!!

DevilsAdvocaat Mon 23-Feb-09 12:30:06

search the achives for tomato allergy.

i thought ds had a dribble rash, he had a cold at the same time. was lots of little spots which left very dry, red skin. i had a look on mn and it came up with the tomato thing.

since then i have only been giving ds tomatoes in the form of a pasta sauce, not tomato ketchup and it has almost gone.

see how you get on if you remove it from his diet. n.b. they can also has the reaction from other tomato based products and raw toms.


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