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MMR nearly 4 weeks ago, now DS has a rash - advice, please

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gingercurl Sun 22-Feb-09 14:24:44

DS 18 mo had his MMR jab over three and a half weeks ago. He was a bit grumpy, clingy and hot for a couple of days later. Yesterday I discovered a rash on the lower part of his tummy. Today the rash has spread across the entire tummy and over his bum and thighs. The rash looks like little small red dots. I've been trawling through any info on MMR side effects but they all mention the rash occuring much sooner. DS has no fever but is quite tired. His apetite is a little iffy but I'm not sure whether that is linked with the rash or wether it is just another way in which he is trying to exert his independence at the moment. Apart from the rash, there is nothing about him that would lead me to think he might be ill. DH thinks it looks a bit like chicken pox. Having never seen measles, rubella nor chicken pox rash myself, I have nothing to compare with.
Does anyone else have a similar experience?

Nabster Sun 22-Feb-09 14:26:25

I would ring NHS direct.

abdnhiker Fri 04-Sep-09 09:34:18

I searched to find this thread - my 15 month old is having the exact same rash, at exactly the same time post-jab. gingercurl what happened? I've already made a dr. appt but my DH is due to go offshore for work in about two hours and I'd love to know whta th likelyhood is that this is just a reaction to the MMR so I know whether to 'let' him go or not.

Proudnan Sat 12-Sep-09 17:14:01

As a Practice Nurse, I was told to tell parents that the rash can happen several weeks after the MMR jab. If you are worried though, you should ask a G/P. Some local authorities want you to report the rash..don't worry, it is just for their records.

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