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My daughter has had a cold over half her life

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TinkerBellesMumandFiFi2 Sun 22-Feb-09 01:11:55

It's got to have been going on for about 4 weeks now (she's 7 weeks) and it's led onto conjunctivitis. Poor thing is having drops in her nose and eyes but it's not getting any better. She has that swollen stuffy look to her face now.

Her dad has just taken her upstairs with a bottle because she can't breathe long enough to breastfeed which is making me sore and her frustrated.

I saw GP Friday and he gave the eye drops and said her chest is clear. Is there anything else we can do, I hate seeing her in this state

NoBiggy Sun 22-Feb-09 02:20:13

I never thought those saline nose drops did any good...but breastmilk seemed to work wonders on conjunctivitis.

I don't think you can use any of the chest rubs, but I wonder if you could use a vaporiser in the room? Could be worth finding out. Steamy rooms help, could you try feeding her in a steamy bathroom perhaps?

BlueCowWondersAboutPancakes Sun 22-Feb-09 03:20:42

I second the bm on sticky eyes - it works really quickly. My dc3 sounds like your baby, with the whole of the first winter ill with something or another. Mine just grew out of it eventually, but it made for a pretty miserable first few months, so all I can offer is hope that everything improves when spring comes.

Good luck!

jabberwocky Sun 22-Feb-09 03:26:04

Ds1 had a cold at around that age and we put his car seat in his crib so that he could sleep in a more upright position for a night or two. It did help.

Steamy bathrooms and vaporizors as already stated are really good as is the bm for the eyes.

Are you using the syringe bulb thingy to clear her nose?

TinkerBellesMumandFiFi2 Sun 22-Feb-09 22:43:09

I did BM in her nose early on but it didn't help, I think the drops clear her nose up a bit until it dries again or starts to run as she's going between the two. Haven't had enough time to find out about the eye drops, I'm a bit sore for expressing at the moment.

The bathroom here is too big to get steamy, but we have a Calpol nightlight in Tink's room so may try that in ours.

I don't have a sucky thing for her nose if that's what you mean?

We're co-sleeping and she seems to manage well at night, she sleeps on TBD's chest (I know it's not good co-sleeping practice but I can't do cuddle curl because of my back, he's co-slept four children and is a light sleeper so he's used to having kids there, he sleeps a lot different with a baby to without) so he alters her position if she's getting too snuffly.

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