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New diabetes resources for under 5s

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Legacy Fri 20-Feb-09 15:48:12

Diabetes UK has launched a series of activity sheets aimed at under-fives with Type 1 diabetes and their parents or carers.

Called 'Teach your tot about diabetes', the 10 free sheets focus on three-year-old Lauren and her family. The sheets contain different enjoyable activities such as colouring in, puzzles, jigsaws, star-charts and stories. Parents can work through the sheets with their children and help them to understand more about diabetes.

These resources are designed to help you talk about diabetes with your child. They are aimed at children under five, but may sometimes be useful for older children. Covering the basic aspects of living with diabetes, there are 10 resource sheets to download in this set:

* Introduction
* Treatment
* Blood glucose testing
* Fruit and veg bingo game
* Healthy, balanced meal jigsaw
* Hypos - feelings
* Hypos - treatment
* Physical activity - puzzle
* Physical activity - diabetes doesn't hold you back
* Injection sites star chart.

The resource sheets can be used individually, or work through the series. Each sheet has instructions on how to use it, and is designed to be coloured in.

Diabetes UK here

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