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Taking a temp with an digital ear thermometre when there are grommets in the way?!

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eddiejo Wed 18-Feb-09 17:14:27

Hi, My DS 2's grommets have been hanging in his ear for weeks now. He is unwell at the moment and clearly has a temp (old fashioned hand to forehead job!)

When i take his temp it is low in his ears but in desperation i put the sensor on the inside of his cheek! It read really high like i expected. (39+)

Do any of you think this is a true reading or have any other ideas? I haven't got any other thermometres in the house!

I think the wax build up with the grommet floating around in it is the reason it says low temp.

What do you think??

thisisyesterday Thu 19-Feb-09 11:06:34

i wouldn't count it as a true reading myself, no.

but if it's clear he is hot just treat as a temp anywy

eddiejo Thu 19-Feb-09 12:09:59

I did.
Thank you

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