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Eyes as a mirror!

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mummytopebs Sun 15-Feb-09 00:20:53

This might seem like a weird question dd has been having flashing experiences in her eyes for around 6 mth and is having investigations for this, she went to opthomologist last week who said she has weak vision in her right eye(this however is not the cause of the flashing). I have just noticed when i was reading her story tonight that if i look in her eyes i can see myself-like looking in a mirror. Is this the case with everyone cos i have never noticed before?

mummytopebs Sun 15-Feb-09 01:13:10


JudgyMcJudgy Sun 15-Feb-09 01:25:37

well I have played looking at each other's refelction in the eye with DS2 and DD if that helps?

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