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son is burning hot and been sleeping all day

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southeastastra Sat 14-Feb-09 20:57:20

is there a bug going round? he was sick earlier

BoysAreLikeZombies Sat 14-Feb-09 20:59:09

Chicken pox and strep throat going around again as well as the dreaded noro

Hope he feels better soon

southeastastra Sat 14-Feb-09 21:00:22

neice has chicken pox atm but son has had it. can it come back in a smaller form?

BoysAreLikeZombies Sat 14-Feb-09 21:05:11

Cripes hope not but google says yes eek

southeastastra Sat 14-Feb-09 21:16:20

god i hope not, he's so hot but asleep

Flightisatwat Sat 14-Feb-09 21:17:40

Has he had fever reduction meds? Do they work? How old is he sea?

southeastastra Sat 14-Feb-09 21:18:09

a little calpol not much, he's 7

Flightisatwat Sat 14-Feb-09 21:20:00

Poor love. Make sure he's just lightly covered. You know the drill

southeastastra Sat 14-Feb-09 21:21:11

seems so long since he's slept all day, he does look comfortable just hot

Flightisatwat Sat 14-Feb-09 21:24:00

Don't wake then. Sometimes they just need to sleep. I hope he is sorted out by it and you don't have a worried night (I hate fevers, can't relax just want to watch them all night)

southeastastra Sat 14-Feb-09 21:28:03

i know you get all panickey and check them every minute.

southeastastra Sat 14-Feb-09 21:28:24

why are you a twat flight?!

Flightisatwat Sat 14-Feb-09 21:45:47

Oh just am I think! Had a run in with someone other day and left. Couldn't think of another name!

Hope boy is much better soon xx

Lovetingles2 Sat 14-Feb-09 21:49:10

have you given paracetomol and ibuprofen Sea?
children's nurofen definitely works better at lowering temperature in my 7 yr old.

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