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my dd had single mmr vaccines as a baby. does she need the pre-school booster?

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wheelsonthebus Thu 12-Feb-09 16:07:07

my gp's practice is nagging me about the pre school booster. one letter said 'this is not the mmmr vaccine' but when i looked up the booster jab on the net, it said that it is partly related to the mmmr jab.
what's the score? can i have my dd vaccinated with the mmr bit excluded? i was told by the private medic that did the single mmr vaccines that boosters would not be necessary. advice please.

Seeline Thu 12-Feb-09 16:30:46

My DD has just had her pre-school booster. She had 3 jabs in all, including teh MMR combined booster. I can't remember what the other 2 were - whooping cough, polio, hib? Call the practice and find out what she needs. I can't help with the single vaccine MMR - sorry

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