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Slapped Cheek

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iLikeDots Thu 12-Feb-09 07:49:43

I think my DD has Slapped Check virus.

Red 'slapped' Check, runny nose, a bit of a temp and a bit out of sorts.

I googled it and it seems like a text book case. But i also read that it can be dangerous to pregnant women. Im not pg - but am thinking of avoiding taking her too any toddler groups as there tends to me expectant mums about. I also read that is is most catching about 10 days before the red cheeks appear and DD has been around pg mums in that time frame. So now i am all worried.

Has anyone experienced slapped check with their DC's ?

Also I was a bit blush when i googled it incase it took me to some dodgy bum fetish site!

loopylou6 Thu 12-Feb-09 08:54:02

keep her away from toddlers group to be safe, i know it sounds bad but theres no point worrying over if shes been in contact with pregnant women, you didnt know so you are not to blame. yes both my dc have had it, and it was ages before i realised it was slapped cheek, hadnt even heard of it till i started wondering why ds's face was all red and googled it lol

DumbledoresGirl Thu 12-Feb-09 09:00:34

By the time the cheeks are red, the contagious period has passed. I have had that information direct from a doctor.

iLikeDots Thu 12-Feb-09 11:06:34

Thanks for the replies.

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