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Arghhhhhh tell me this will get better!

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poshwellies Mon 09-Feb-09 20:32:40

Constipation.We are losing the will to live,ds has been having a major bout with overflow (last 3 weeks),he's had today off of school as he just couldn't go in soiling himself (poor chap).Took him to gp and she's referring him for a emergency appointment at local hospital,we have literally tried all meds-hes currently on 3 sachets of movicol and ducusol (max dose) and various tricks such as warm baths.He has had 2 poos (very small) in 2 weeks,he is withholding and this creates a vicious cycle.

Just want to help him (and us)-I really don't want to send him into school as he won't speak up and end up in dirty pants all day and feel horrible (he's just 6),its not fair on his teacher or him,but unsure when this appointment will come though,gp said she can't prescribe anything else.

Elibean Mon 09-Feb-09 22:32:05

Poor you, and poor bumping for you.

I know nothing about this, but dd's friend had same problem, as do two dses on my postnatal group thread, and although its taken time, all three are doing much better now.

Wishing you well.

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