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15 mth old - whats wrong????

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mummc2 Sun 08-Feb-09 23:13:16

ok so my dd had a tummy bug about 10 days ago (sickness 24 hr thing) and has been off her food ever since, today we managed 4 oz milk two yogurts and half a bowl of ready brek. Thought she may be teething as she seems to have had a temp on and off over last few days and is overly tired but ???. She wont eat anything she normally does, the most we are managing is yogurts, crisps, ready brek and the odd mouthful of other things. Shes only little anyway and im worried about her loosing weight. Do you think this could be a health issue or food issue?? Do i take her to doctor or health visitor??

peachface Sun 08-Feb-09 23:14:38

has she been to the doctor at all since being unwell?

mummc2 Sun 08-Feb-09 23:25:42


peachface Sun 08-Feb-09 23:57:17

Prob worth getting her checked out tomorrow if she's still not right. Not meaning to worry you here at all but I do think that as she's little, if she's getting temp on and off, she ought to be checked by gp. It ight be totally unrelated to the tummy bug and might be teething or something else, but for your own peace of mind, best get it checked. I tried to post earlier but it wouldn't let me post for some reason! Hope this helps - it'll make you feel happier if you know a doc has taken a look too.

peachface Sun 08-Feb-09 23:59:53

BTW I don't think you need worry about the losing weight issue. My 18mth old just been on antibiotics for an infection and they made his tummy ache so he didn't eat for a couple of days and even now is only picking at things when he's usually a really good eater, gp told me not to worry as long as he's getting plenty of fluids and jst to give him whatever food he'll take. Think purely to put your mind at rest it's worth checking out the temp issue - small tots get temps very easily but if it's not obvous why they're getting them, may as well ask gp to take a look.

mummc2 Mon 09-Feb-09 12:55:14

thankyou for the advice going to take her to see health visitor as think it may be teeth not had a temp for a few days now just seems to be not eating much,

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