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help! what does this odd breathing mean in my 11 week old??

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mad4mybaby Sun 08-Feb-09 07:45:36

ok dont have time to do epic post but will link to another thread about my ds health....

if, instead of breathing normally like in out in out he keeps going in-in out in-in out, so 2 small quick breaths in and then out...

what could this mean?? we are going to see paed this week but have been fobbed off in past weeks.. will link my other thread,,

mad4mybaby Sun 08-Feb-09 07:47:05 =2

also need to add he has reflux andis on ranitadine and domperidone

mad4mybaby Sun 08-Feb-09 07:48:08

mad4mybaby Sun 08-Feb-09 08:13:04


ilove Sun 08-Feb-09 08:26:49

Is he asleep when he does it? If so it may just be a normal pattern in varying stages of sleep.

mad4mybaby Sun 08-Feb-09 08:28:42

no he does it awake aswell but its intermitent..

mad4mybaby Sun 08-Feb-09 09:01:55

can anyone think of anything??

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