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vanessa26 Sat 07-Feb-09 10:14:30

My daughter who dont eat well at all is now having problem pooing, she normally has a poo everyday, but gets very distraught whilst trying to get it out, can take hours, when she finally does one its very hard, very big and very dry
She is now on Prune juice (which i must admit she lovesshock
Has been put on Lactolose by the doctor and still no improvmenthmm
She has not had a poo since monday (this is the 6th day with no poo) angry
Although she keeps crying saying bum, its like she wants to poo but she dont want to
NHS DIRECT told me to get prune juice, which she now loves wink
The health visitor just keeps telling me to try different fruits and veg but like i said she is not a good eater at allangry
The doctor just dont seem bothered angry
And in the mean time i have to watch my distraught daughter scream and cry whilst trying to help but feeling like i cannot do anything.
Yes i put her in a warm bath and while she is in it she is fine, its when she gets out the troubles start again. angry
Advise anyone??????????? hmm

ADealingMummy Sat 07-Feb-09 21:52:40

Hi ,just didn't want your post to be ignored.


LoveMyGirls Sat 07-Feb-09 22:03:29

I've had this with both my dd's at one time or another and I've had lactulose and movicol at times to give them which helps.

Try sudocrem or vasaline on her bum so it comes out easier too.

I read a story so they can try to relax to get it out too or if in nappies helf her legs up to help get it out.

LoveMyGirls Sat 07-Feb-09 22:03:57


vanessa26 Sun 08-Feb-09 11:26:41

Thank you, had to go hospital last night, in which they gave her Movicol, hopefully this will work,
I do put vasaline on her bum but sudocrem she cannot use it brings her out in a rash, so i use zink and caster oil cream which is absolutely fantastic, although at the moment her poo just is not coming and now she is down to crying-going to sleep-waking up-crying again.
I have tried reading her a story, giving her a warm bath, massaging her and hoilding her legs and she just goes absolutely mentle at me.
Thank you for the advice though. I rally hope the Movicol works!!hmm !!sad

LoveMyGirls Sun 08-Feb-09 12:18:07

Movicol is good stuff but be warned it will make her go a bit runny thats when you know it's time to cut it down a bit.

scrambledhead Sun 08-Feb-09 19:08:11

When I went through this with DS2 we used to give him 1 spoon of lactulose a day but when he was really constipated and then worried we would up his dose - up to 4 x 5ml spoons a day I think. Then reduce it once he was feeling better.

Good luck

vanessa26 Sun 08-Feb-09 21:20:46

Lactulose is no good for my daughter, i have tried everything with it she at the end was having 10ml twice a day (2 x 5ml twice a day) we had no luck with it.
I would rather her have the runny ones then her not go at all, she finally had a poo after 6 hrs of screaming and crying (but even with Movicol and prune juice) her poo's are still hard shock
She is to see a pediatrician as soon as they send an appointment letter anyway. Her dads side of the family has had history of blockages (and theres 7 kids there)sad
Just hope this isnt what she has or will gethmm

Mummyfor3 Sun 08-Feb-09 21:49:29

Poor DD, poor Vanessa! Do not dispair, this can be improved.
Look at this link about constipation in children.
Consider using glycerin suppositories to help her with that first hard and painful lot of poo. You do not want her to become scared of going to the toilet and withholding it. Also, as she is old enough, talk to her about going to the toilet as soon she feels the need to go. This sensation in known as the "call to stool "grin and should not be ignored because it is when the bowel is active and "wants" to move.
Sorry, need to rush off, DS3 must be obeyed [daisy the cow emoticon].
Hope this helps.

MinkyBorage Sun 08-Feb-09 21:52:41

Was going to say movicol, but don't expect it to work immediately, it took about 8 days with my dd. Also, what dose have they put her on? I started DD off on 4 sachets a day, ahe now has 3 a day. I'd start off high and work down.
Good luck!

vanessa26 Wed 11-Feb-09 17:27:51

I will have a look on the Link, my daughter is already trying to hold in her poo they think she now has a phobia of doing her number 2'sangry.
Hospital told me to give her 1 sachet of movicol then go to doctors wen they ran out, well anyway i went to doctors this afternoon told him she was still the same although she had had 2 number 2's (but still screaming and crying doing them) and doctor took her off Movicol and put her on Senna (has anyone had any experiance with this, got to give her 2.5ml every morning along with lactolose 10ml twice a day).
Also I have tried talking to her about it and everytime i mention poo and toilet together she just shouts NOhmm

Thank you all for the feedback, the more the bettergrin

vanessa26 Wed 11-Feb-09 17:52:09

Thank you for the link it has really helped me understand more and i advise anyone experiancing the same problems to go on the fantastic insight of constipation link abovegrin

Mummyfor3 Wed 11-Feb-09 21:38:53

Vanessa, glad you found the link useful.

If she is already scared of doing No 2s, then it is really important that you do all you can to make sure every time she does go is as comfortable as possible. If she is v distressed and upset, you must try and be as calm and reassuring as possible. The trick is to make sure she goes without making a great big issue of doing a poo; easier said than done, I know.

Lactulose is a sugar (hence sweet and children tend to like it) which we do not absorb. So what you put in, has to come out grin. On its way through our system it absorbs water, making motions softer and easier to pass. As it is not absorbed, you can increase the dose every 2-3 days until the desired effect kicks in. What age is your DD? I have just reread the thread, but cannot see her age, however 10mls 2x/day is a middling dose and could probably be increased if need be.

Senna comes from a plant and is a so called "stimulant" laxative, ie it makes the bowel move. This is useful in getting things going, however not v good for longterm treatment as over many weeks or months the bowel could become ever more sluggish.

Movicol works in a different manner again, essentially by attracting water to the inside of the bowel much like Lactulose via a different mechanism. The paediatric version can be given up to 8 (!) sachets/day (depending on age/wt of child) sipped over the course of the day in 1 litre of orange juice, and, in my experience will get any child going wink, however can be quite explosive!!

All of the above can cause a bit of bloating, "windyness" and cramp, particularly at the start of treatment, and differnt things work and agree for different people. It is often a matter of trying things out, I am afraid. Once you hit on what works for you and your daughter, stick with it. Do not stop all treatment too soon. You can always reduce the amounts you are giving in the first instance and see how you get on.

Needless to say, make a big fuss of her, when she does go, praise her is she is brave when it is a bit sore - and keep going with lots of fibre and fluid in her diet.

Hope it improves soon. It is miserable, but will get

vanessa26 Wed 01-Jul-09 22:40:15

Well, sorry its been so long, things have so much improved, she went to a pediatrician and he put her back on to Movicol (she is also very low on iron , 1.8 instead of inbetween 10-204, and now on iron suppliments) she is 2 yrs old and since moving back to Nottingham from Lincoln She has not been on movicol for 9 days tomorrow (i took her off it as she seems to be coping really well with her poo's. Im now left wondering if it was due to the different water companies (anglian-Lincoln, seven trent-Nottingham) someone mentioned the other day that they work away and wen they go to a different city that uses a different water company that they have the same problem. She is now eating loads better and im kinda hoping its the last we have heard from this pooing business grin I still have to take her to see the pediatrician but will explain everything to him when i see him. I am also thinking of re potty training her in about a month as she did so well last time wink
Thank you all for the great advice grin wink

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