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vomiting 16mo - what to do about night-time milk

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usedtoreadbooks Tue 03-Feb-09 17:45:02

Just collected DD from CMs, she has been vomiting all afternoon. Was clingy this morning and has apparently been a bit listless all day. I don;t want to exacerbate a delicate tummy but would like to make sure she has eaten / drunk enough to get a proper night's sleep. Also, she usually has milk before bed to settle her. Any suggestions as to whether food and milk will make things better or worse? What would you do? TIA.

loobeylou Tue 03-Feb-09 18:50:49

milk will def make it worse! as long as she is having sufficient water to ensure she is not dehydrated, lay off food and milk for 24 hours, or till she has stopped being sick and perked up a bit. then offer only bland plain foods, plain toast, cream cracker or biscuit,nothing milky/cheesy. If she is still being sick a lot after another 24hrs, I would call NHS direct/your GP for advice

sickness bugs are all a part of parenting I am afraid, so get used to it. we went to visit a friend and our DD then 2 was sick all over their floor. they had never seen the like, did not know kids did that. fast forward 5 years when they ahve 3 kids of their own and are staying near us on holiday in the caravan, bringing me all their DCs sheets to wash as they had all been puking LOL

that is supposed to reassure you that things like this happen.But If DD is very fretful or has a high fever not helped by regular calpol, seek medical advice as it might be tonsilitis or ear infection.

usedtoreadbooks Tue 03-Feb-09 19:27:31

Thanks Looobeyloo. This is DD's second vomiting bug in as many weeks so I am getting used to them! tonight I gave her some baby porridge with apple and banana puree stirred in and she devoured the lot and immediately perked up, so I also gave her some formula (better than cow's milk in the circs, I thought, and she rejected the water I offered beforehand). Then in the bath I noticed she has a faint but definite pin-prick rash over her bum and back, arms, thighs and tummy. I'll keep an eye on her tonight and whisk her off to the doctor tomorrow if it's still there.

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