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Persistent Goopy Eye - cure sought!

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jm54 Mon 02-Feb-09 21:44:26

My 11 week old has had a goopy, watery eye since birth that I can't get shot of, despite regular cleaning with cool boiled water with a little salt added. Have also tried breastmilk, to no avail. Last week I finally got a swab taken by the GP; an infection was confirmed and eye drops prescribed. But a week on it's still there, and today it has spread to the other eye! Any advice?

mckenzie Mon 02-Feb-09 21:52:53

It's possible she/he has a blocked tear duct. Ask your health visitor or doctor to show you where to gently rub to try and ease the blockage, or you might be able to get isntructions on NHS direct or similar.
DD had it from about 6 weeks on and your story sounds very familiar.

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