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painful constipation in 2 yo - any ideas please?

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accordiongirl Sun 01-Feb-09 22:13:35

Hi, my twin girl is getting horrible constipation, crying in pain when she needs to poo. Itstarted before xmas, docs gave her lactolase, which slowly helped after a week or so. Then a week or two of very runny poo, even diarohoehrha (spelling!). Now back again to horrible constipation. She hardly poo'd today and is clearly distressed. Very touchy and clingy and crying with pain. I've taken her a couple of times to the osteopath. Back to the doc's do you think? Have been working hard to get prunes / brown bread / tangerines into her. Any other ideas? She's not drinking enough, but as you will all know, you can take a toddler to water, but you can't make them drink! Help please.

NKa74e884X11f2f2ecb7d Sun 01-Feb-09 22:40:01

I am sure you would have tried - but is she any better if you continue to give lactulose until she is back to normal & then try weaning her off of it until she goes naturally, rather than just stopping.

Fruitapura or fruit pots etc might help as children generally eat those with ease and as they are pure fruit they will help with toiletting if given each day.

Does she have the fruit for breakfast so its starts the intestine working? sad

accordiongirl Sun 08-Feb-09 21:28:03

thanks ManyNumbers!
I have tried this, actually the GP told me now to keep up with the Lactolase for a month without stopping, cos the problem was just coming back. She has loads of fruit and yes, she does have it for breakfast. Thanks for replying!

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