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red raw and swollen- Just nappy rash?

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petitmaman Wed 28-Jan-09 07:41:11

My dd (23 months) has got a red raw front bottom. she is very prone to nappy rash but it is a bit swollen as well which i have never seen before. does this mean that it might be something else and i should take her to the dr?
also, if it is just nappy rash can anyone recommend a cream that actually gets rid of it/soothes it or is fresh air best?
poor dd sems to be v uncomfortable even walking. sad

petitmaman Wed 28-Jan-09 07:54:52

desperate bump

slayerette Wed 28-Jan-09 08:01:00

What kind of cream do you use to deal with nappy rash? We used Sudcrem as standard but once DS got it so badly that we had to use something more powerful (can't remember name of it - sorry) - his rash was terrible at that point, I took him to Dr and this cream was what she recommended. So definitely worth a trip to see Dr, I think. If nothing else, mine wrote a prescription for the new cream and I got it free!

slayerette Wed 28-Jan-09 08:01:27

Sudocrem, of course!

petitmaman Wed 28-Jan-09 08:02:04

thank you. i use sudocrem too. am off to ring the dr.

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