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post op adenoids and grommets

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norksinmywaistband Tue 27-Jan-09 15:01:05

DS had this operation a week ago, and made a fantastic recovery and we have already noticed a difference in his sleep and speech.

However every so often he will start to blink purposefully, and say eyes mummy eyes.

He has never done this before the op and he seems a little off balance at times.

Is dizziness and poor balance common after an operation such as this?

Sunshine78 Tue 27-Jan-09 15:54:48

Dont know about symptoms after op but my dd has a speech problem due to glue ear - how old is your ds and how long did they make you wait for op? Saw consultant last week and was a waste of time as told will probably clear its self and come back in April.

Elibean Tue 27-Jan-09 16:05:03

dd had adenoids and tonsils two weeks ago, and had all sorts of weird and wonderful symptoms till about two days ago. I don't know how much was tonsils and how much was adenoids (suspect much of the horrid symptoms were tonsil-related) but she did keep rubbing her nose, which bothered her, for about ten days. And I guess that part was adenoids.

She was also off balance, but I don't know how much that was the op and how much that was lack of eating and pain meds - hard to tell!

Hope he's all ok soon, dd's sleep and eating are a thousand times better now smile

norksinmywaistband Tue 27-Jan-09 16:11:08

DS is 2.10, had breathing probs at night due to adenoids, and contributed to the glue ear.
His glue ear was severe with no movement in either eardrum, and hearing levels were also down.
We saw the consultant first in june and he had the op last week with 3 appointments in between to check there had ben no change in his hearing( it actually got worse) But from the first appointment the consultant said that he needed the Adenoids and grommets op.

On coming round from the op the consultant said his glue had started to solidify and thee was loads. and that this may not solve all his problems and he may need tonsils out later

My DN has intermittent glue ear as a child, and believe me you do not want to put your child through an operation if there is a chance it will resolve naturally

norksinmywaistband Tue 27-Jan-09 16:12:11

Is her balance better now elibean?

Glad your dd is feeling better now

Sunshine78 Tue 27-Jan-09 16:31:19

I know about not going through an op - she's already had 2 for other things but am really worried about hearing/speech as she also has it severe and low hearing levels we've already had 2 hearing tests with no improvement and going for a 3rd just before see consultant again so I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Elibean Tue 27-Jan-09 18:26:04

Yes, her balance is fine as of the last couple of days. I would think that any op involving ears (ie grommets) could mess with balance for a while afterwards? Did they mention that as a possible after effect?

Thanks, btw, I totally agree with op being last resort - but what a blessing it can be, too smile

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