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My 15 week old has a bloody nose

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Marthasmama Wed 21-Jan-09 14:49:00

And has done so for ages. It's only one side and she has been stuffed up since she was two weeks. The stuffiness is getting better as she is getting bigger, but she still has a bloody nose. Sometimes she has huge blood bogies too. I have seen the doctor, spoken to NHS direct and the HV at the weighing clinic and mentioned the blood, but nobody seemed to think it was an issue. I've done some internet looking, which always causes me to worry more and there appears to be conflicting advice. Should I be worrying? She's not ill and is generally very happy, but it doesn't seem right to me. Any help would be gratefully recieved. grin

lulalullabye Wed 21-Jan-09 14:52:23

My dd did the same for about 6mths, then it all just stopped so I guess just go with the advice given. I had the same disinterest from hv and gp.

belgo Wed 21-Jan-09 14:53:17

Most likely it's nothing more serious then a slightly weak blood vessel that bleeds because of the pressure on if from the snot.

Marthasmama Wed 21-Jan-09 15:20:40

Thank you. I'll stop worrying for now.

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