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Nothing staying down!

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twinklylights Wed 21-Jan-09 09:51:06

My dd aged 4 was diagnosed by GP yest with tonsillitis. Managed to get a couple of doses of penicillin and nurofen etc down her yesterday but today she can't keep anything down-even water is coming back.Obviously I'm concerned about her becoming dehydrated but worried that as the anti-biotic isn't staying down its not having any effect and her recovery will suffer. Any ideas? TIA

BennyAndJoon Wed 21-Jan-09 12:33:37

If she isn't even keeping water down then I think I would be back to the GP.

Is it an antibiotic she has had before? Could she be reacting to it? (I only say this as I have never felt as ill as I did when I had eurithromicin for toncillitis and it turned out that it makes me sick)

twinklylights Wed 21-Jan-09 12:59:37

You could be right re the penicillin as she has never had any before. Neither me or dh allergic but there is the possibility she could be. Things slightly better as she has kept down Calpol for past hour and looking good so far for this dose of antibiotic.

mistlethrush Wed 21-Jan-09 13:05:22

Ds at 10mo (so a lot younger than your dd) had really bad reaction when he was given similar for an ear infection. In the end I got a home visit and only just managed to keep ds out of hospital due to GP's suggested treatment - 1oz rehydration fluids (you can get a packet to mix up from a pharmacy) every 10mins - no more. As your dd is so much bigger you might try this amount for a little and if it is successful, try a little more each time. It was little and often with ds, and it took him over a week to get back onto a normal diet.

Hope she improves.

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