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DS is in hospital with bronchiolitis

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SecretSlattern Tue 20-Jan-09 10:21:46

7 weeks ago, DS was showing all the signs of having a cold, we had all had it so treated him with paracetamol and fluids etc. Took him to thje out of hours gp after about 4 days as he appeared to be struggling with his breathing, making a terrible wheezing noise.

He was diagnosed with bronchiolitis and given a salbutamol inhaler to help with the breathing. Was told some symptoms could remain for up to six weeks, so when DS showed no real signs of improvement and gradually began refusing fluids and feeds, took him back to my GP who said it was now a cold as his chest was clear.

This was 2 Friday's ago. By last Wednesday, he was getting worse, so another trip to the gp, told he now had a chest infection and was given anti biotics. Was told that if no improvement by Friday (just gone) to take him back.

On Friday, we take him back to the GP who immediately sends him to A&E. He was admitted within three hours of arriving, following three nebulisers and various other medical treatments.

Until yesterday he was being fed via tube in his nose and had oxygen going up there too. Eventually, all the gunk from his nose started to come out via his nappies and his nose. He started taking bottles again and even managed a jar of puree. His feeding tube was removed but his oxygen was turned up and we were told he had to go a solid 12 hours without oxygen before they would consider sending him home.

This morning I called the hospital (DH has stayed with him last night) for a progress report. The nurse who was caring for him informed me that DS has started to refuse fluids again and has a high temperature resulting in an drip being put in for fluids and a suppository of paracetamol for the temperature because he is refusing anything in his mouth.

Have just spoken to DH and actually, the nurse was talking about the wrong child hmm. I have spent all morning fretting that something terrible is happening to him for no reason and I am mightily pissed off. I would've been there myself were it not for sorting DD out at home.

The doctors have been round and now switched off his oxygen (hurrah!) and he is still feeding through his mouth. But DH has told them that DS still doesn't sound right (very snuffly although nothing more is coming out of him) and he has practically been ignored.

I intend to write a letter to my GP, because initially, on the Wednesday they were refusing to see him, but it was only at my insistence that he was seen, the receptionist grudgingly gave in and asked the dr to see him. Both DH and I have been made to feel like shit because we didn't take him sooner (he was seen less than a week before on the Friday and told he was fine and his chest was clear) and now he has been in hospital since Friday having god knows who caring for him or seemingly caring for a child with a completely different set of requirements.

This bronchiolitis illness is terrible and if you notice your LO becoming unwell, refusing fluids/feeds and generally doing the sucky chest thing, please take them and get them sorted ASAP. He was so poorly on Friday that I thought I would lose him (bearing in mind we didn't know what was actually wrong with him).

Ledodgy Tue 20-Jan-09 10:29:15

Oh I hope he's feeling better soon. My ds1 has been hospitalised twice because of this so I feel your pain.

I also agree that you have not been treated very well by the medical profession and think you right in complaining.

Elibean Tue 20-Jan-09 12:24:39

You poor love, bronchiolitis is so scary and stressful, even without unhelpful professionals sad

My dd2 was in HDU with it at 4 weeks, and I'll never forget it. I understand the heartstoppingness of the wrong information (I came down at 3am to check on her one night, and the curtains were drawn round her bed - I froze, till someone thought to tell me she'd been moved to another bed in the unit!). To be fair to the HDU staff though, they were incredibly busy with very sick babies, at that time.

Re the 'sounding funny' part, of course you're right to check it out, and I hope by now someone has listened to your dh and done so - but just wanted you to know that was pretty much my experience of bronch. recovery. For several days, I would panic over noises dd made or didn't make, because she continued to sound bubbly, or coughy, or other things for some time. Its very hard re-adjusting to normality after the intense observation of oxygen monitors etc...and the nurses should provide lots of reassurance and support, as well as making sure your ds is ok, of course.

Hope your GP can hear you, via letter or in person, and put things right re trust in your health care providers - and most of all, hope your ds is all well and home v v soon.

Nemoandthefishes Tue 20-Jan-09 12:30:10

aww am so sorry to hear this. DD1 was a very bronchi baby and unfortunatley has turned into a chronic asthmatic so can completely understand your stress and when they are struggling to breath you do fret a lot.
definetly write to your gp as he shoulld have been a little more proactive/clearer with instructions about bronchilitis.

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