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DS has red skin "under his willy" it looks as though the skin is drying out...any ideas?

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Ilovecurry Mon 19-Jan-09 22:19:05

nearly 4 potty trained for 2 years but still wears pull ups at night.

Noticed his skin was red under his W the other night he said it was sore but not now.

The area now looks as if its drying out - any ideas?

LackaDAISYcal Mon 19-Jan-09 22:21:58

possibly a fungal skin infection? or eczema?

My DS has issues with being red and sore under his penis and around the base of it where it wrinkles at the minute, but he is in nappies all day.

kitkatqueen Mon 19-Jan-09 22:22:52

Sudocrem? tend to stick it on anything nappy rash to cuts to dry skin, usually does the trick!!! good luck

Ilovecurry Mon 19-Jan-09 22:26:52

I think fungal aswell, I have some canastan for kids will use this -if doesnt clear will take him to docs

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