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Five year old weight loss, what to do?

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chinawoll Sun 18-Jan-09 01:46:26

My five year old has always been quite slim, but genetically would expect her to be as both dh and I and her siblings are too.
However, she appears to have lost more weight of late and will throw away her meals after eating little if not watched.
Her appetite appears to have decreased and sweet foods she used to love she complains make her feel "sickie" and won't eat them.
Is this something I need to take her to the doctor about?

scrooged Sun 18-Jan-09 01:50:24

Yes. Take her as soon as you can, them to check her blood sugar levels as weight loss in children can be a sign of diabetes, especially if sugary foods are making her feel ill and she's lost weight. I wouldn't wait until Monday infact, do you have a walk in clinic you can take her to tomorrow? I may be wrong but it needs checking out. It's very important to catch it ASAP if it is diabetes.

I hope she's OK though.

scrooged Sun 18-Jan-09 01:58:50

Sorry, it could also be because she's not eating. Not eating makes you feel sick so you don't eat. It's a vicious cycle that can only be broken through eating. Get her blood sugar checked first as a precaution though.

scrooged Sun 18-Jan-09 19:14:16

How is she today?

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