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diabetic child and party bag treats, tips please

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loobeylou Tue 13-Jan-09 16:40:49

Hi one of DD's best friends has just been diagnosed with diabetes and I want to know what i can pop in her party bag, especially as DD is coelaic so I am aware how sad children can get when there is so much they can't have and the early days of a huge change in lifestlye can be very tough. And her mum has always been very kind in prioviding GF treats for my DD

thanks - will post in allergies too

PuzzleRocks Tue 13-Jan-09 20:56:32

Bumping for you.

LoveMyLapTop Tue 13-Jan-09 20:57:59

Juat put toys/ non-food treats?

Yurtgirl Tue 13-Jan-09 21:01:49

You could do what I have done in the past - Dont provide bags full of sweets!

Two ways either - a bag with lots of fab party bag toys. Large Tescos have a good selection

Or get a pack of books from the book people and give one book to each child - they often have pack of books 12 for a tenner say (Usborne spotters guides for example)

With that you could put a piece of the birthday cake, with a special cake for the coeliac child

IME/O its important to consider the coeliac problem as most important. Diabetics can eat cake etc as long as in moderation. Special food (eg diabetic chocolate) is often nasty, expensive and pointless!


Yurtgirl Tue 13-Jan-09 21:02:39

One other thing - make sure all the bags are the same, so the child doesnt feel different and singled out

gybegirl Tue 13-Jan-09 21:11:13

I decided to give sticker books (from tesco - so very inexpensive) rather than party bags and they went down a treat. Sorry, can't help on the cake front.

LoveMyLapTop Tue 13-Jan-09 21:36:06

buy them all an age appropriaate comic each?

loobeylou Wed 14-Jan-09 14:17:13

just to clarify, the coeliac child is MY child and the cake and other birthday treats will be GF and DF already. Not all the main food as it would be way to pricey, but the crisps will be GF and the guests will have "normal" versions of what DD has GF (s/wich, pizza, biscuit) so it mainly LOOKS the same. its a DIY build a bear do, so they will get bear plus t shirt as party bag, just wanted an idea for a small sweet treat to pop in on their way home too, or if there is any diabetic cake/choc anyone recommends?

GrimmaTheNome Wed 14-Jan-09 14:19:49

If I was you, I'd ask her mum what would be an appropriate treat.

paddyclamp Wed 14-Jan-09 22:48:49

I've got diabetes (since childhood) and can eat birthday cake and chocolate so long as i take extra insulin. Also, don't know how old these kids are but if they're running round using up loads of energy her blood sugar will be a bit lower than normal anyway!

But with it being early days it might be more tricky. I know as a kid i used to hate it if i was treated i think i'd go for what some of the others have said - nonfood treats but do include some birthday cake. Diabetic chocolate is nasty and gives you the runs!!

And as Grimma says, possibly check with her mum

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