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bronchiolitis - 3 weeks ago still wheezing?

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Mummywannabe Sat 10-Jan-09 20:33:45

My little boy (6months) had bad bronchiolitis 3 weeks ago. He still sounds ever so wheezy, feeding ok (well not bad but always been a bugger to feed!) and happy though. Saw doctor last week (again) who said it could persist for a week more and could use alupent syrup or inhalers if i felt he needed them. My question is does anyone have experience of how long this lasts? And should i give syrup even though he is happy?

I am driving myself mad with worry and any support will be gratefully recieved.

Mummywannabe Sat 10-Jan-09 21:25:14


SlightlyMadScientist Sat 10-Jan-09 21:30:52

A consultant told me that you can still hear a Wheeze by stethescope up to 3 months after having bronchiolitis. Not sure about how long it should be audible without a stethescope.

However - I would always treat an audible wheeze - so yes I would give the syrup. Perhaps see the Dr in another week-10days if it persists.

Mummywannabe Sat 10-Jan-09 21:33:02


Elibean Sat 10-Jan-09 21:33:12

POor you, bad bronchiolitis is so scary. dd2 had it at 4 weeks old, and at the time probably 95% of the children's ward (and HDU, which she was in) had it too....and I heard over and over and over again that its very common for wheezing and coughing to continue for several weeks after the virus goes away.

Its true that I was also told that dd was at slightly increased risk of asthma and/or chest infections in future, but in her case so far so good. She has ENT issues, which make for troubled breathing, but nothing to do with her lungs.

She was also one of the lucky few who didn't cough after the virus went away...or wheeze, that I noticed (but she's a noisy breather, so who knows!), but my friend's ds, who had it less badly at the same time wheezed and coughed for weeks afterwards.

I'd give it another week or so, but do take the GP up on the offer of inhalers and see if it makes any difference, if no better soon or if you're worried. I don't know what the syrup is, but as far as inhalers go...their efficacy is part of the diagnostic process, IIRC, so might be helpful to know if they work at all?

Hope he's better soon, so far, it does sound really normal for post-RSV smile

Mummywannabe Sat 10-Jan-09 21:35:06

Thanks Elibean, its so hard not to wind yourself up isn't it.

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