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Lump on baby's arm

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notcitrus Sun 04-Jan-09 13:06:43

A is 16 weeks, so had 3-month jabs 4 weeks ago and should have his 4-month ones week after this (once a cold clears up).

Just seen a huge (ok, 1/2 inch across, 1/2 cm high) red lump on his left arm about where the jab was. Any idea what it could be? I thought any reaction to a jab would have been way earlier and this can't have been there more than 2 days.

Any ideas?

believer07 Sun 04-Jan-09 13:31:59

it could be by a irritation to the aluminium that is used in the vaccine to provoke the immune system into a reaction to the vaccine.

I would see your GP and ask about it.

There is information out there about aluminium in vaccines. Its up to you to find out about it.

believer07 Sun 04-Jan-09 13:37:41

Ok I am going to give you a heads up, I have stopped doing this recently. As I say it could be the aluminum and I am no expert. But here is a link to the Jabs forum with someone with a similar problem.


notcitrus Sun 04-Jan-09 16:26:58

Thanks - closer examination looks more like an insect bite, and it's nearer the shoulder than the jabs were. Will take him to doc in the morning.

I've read about aluminium before and figured links to problems had been debunked - I treat anything on the Jabs site with extreme caution as there's a lot of people there who seem intent on requiring no risk from vaccines, rather than negligible risk in comparison with the diseases they prevent.

JollyPirate Sun 04-Jan-09 16:29:50

From my experience this is to do with technique of injection and nothing to do with aluminium (which is a whole seperate issue I know). It's fairly common and will gradually get smaller over the next few months. If it looks painful it would be worth seeing the GP about.

notcitrus Mon 05-Jan-09 13:20:47

Saw GP this morning who thought it was a local infection in the skin from the injection wound - probably only flared up now as he has a nasty cold. He drew a biro circle round it and we'll go back and get antibiotics if it gets bigger, but he thought it would go down over the next week.

I checked with midwives at baby group just after and they agreed - apparently it could even be from his BCG back in October, but common and nothing to worry about.

Very relieved!

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