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severe sore throat/cough/phlem 4 yr old?

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t875 Fri 02-Jan-09 00:07:54

when will it end!!! 4 yr old has had a virus, cough/cold/phlem since November.

Her throat hurts so bad today and again the dr is saying virus and no need for antibiotix.

Is there anything you have given your child that will help with this, have you been through the same there?

We have been alternating nurofen/calpol and a linctis and it doesnt seem to be getting better atall.

I just wish she would get better, poor thing is really gone through it.

Hubby had tonsillitis though so I think her throat infection at the beg was thanks to him maybe.

Thanks for any advise!

gigglewitch Fri 02-Jan-09 00:09:50

by the time i got to the end of your second line i'm thinking "hmm, tonsilitis?"
Would it be worth getting another opinion?
(sorry if i'm bein mean)

t875 Fri 02-Jan-09 00:43:12

I hear ya gigglewitch and thanks for your opinion, but taken her a few times and they are still saying its not an infection and only a virus!

I am getting very frustrated about it all!!

t875 Mon 05-Jan-09 00:34:28

well..update on my daughter.

She went to the out of hours dr today as she was in agony with her ears and throat today and he has put her on antibiotix as she has an ear infection.

Lets hope she can get better now, poor thing has really gone through it these last few months.

gigglewitch Mon 05-Jan-09 23:15:33

At last. I really hope it works for her.

t875 Tue 06-Jan-09 18:21:07

Thanks gigglewitch! Me too!smile

t875 Tue 06-Jan-09 18:22:11

she is doing loads better now. Although dont want to jinx myself saying it.

cough doesnt seem to be there and her ears have stopped hurting.

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