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Bad scratch on dd2's face, do I need to put anything on it ??

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IllegallyBrunette Tue 30-Dec-08 18:23:02

She fell off her scooter earlier, and scratched her face on a fence. It is deep enough to have bled and as she also grazed right around it it is very red. It does look very sore.

I cleaned it and have just left it as it is but xp has just seen it and thinks I should put savlon on it but i can't see hwo that will help really.

So shall I leave it be or not ??

IllegallyBrunette Tue 30-Dec-08 18:29:55

Thinking about it, the scratch must have been from wire on the fence I suppose.

She doesn't need a tetenus (sp?) jab does she ?? She is 9 and had all the normal jabs as a baby.

Sawyer64 Tue 30-Dec-08 18:35:05

I'd leave it. She's up to date with her jabs I presume?(As tetanus lives in the soil)

if it looks worse in a day or two take her to docs for review/antibiotics,if healing,leave well alone.

I use Germolene in cases like this only because it has local anaesthetic in it which helps to numb it a little,I don't use it as an antiseptic though.

IllegallyBrunette Tue 30-Dec-08 18:37:01

I think i might have some germolene, so will use that if she mentions that it's hurting again.

She is up to date with jabs yes.

Thanks for that, I did think that it was ok to leave and then xp made me doubt myself.

Sawyer64 Tue 30-Dec-08 18:37:24

Sorry x-posts!

If she's had all her baby and Pre-school jabs (at 4yrs approx) she's covered with Tetanus until she's 14 now.It would be very unusual for them to give her Tetanus at A&E now.Just take her to docs if it looks infected in a few days.

IllegallyBrunette Tue 30-Dec-08 18:40:19

Thanks smile

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