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Anothher milkteeth question.

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OrmIrian Tue 30-Dec-08 10:05:35

DS#2 has over a period of about 4 months lost 4 milk teeth from the middle bottom of his mouth, ie 4 incisors. No sign of any new ones coming through. Seems a bit odd. But should I be worried.

Poor lamb is really struggling with apples these days.

Bink Tue 30-Dec-08 10:21:24

I've just answered the other milkteeth qu with a ref. to ds ...

So here is another - ds lost not just the front 4 but the front 6 - the two bottom secondary incisors too - he shed like a snake over not much more than a fortnight. Then he was toothless for ages - dd used to say he "had a car in his teeth", ie the empty outline of one. Which he did. It was fine, they all came in eventually, but for them all it took a year I would say.

Get him to gnaw apples with his canines.

One thing though: ds (now 9.5) still lisps a bit (says his "s"s with his tongue sticking out between his teeth instead of on roof of mouth behind top teeth); he always did, but I think being front-tooth-less for so long made it harder for him to change to the right movement. In hindsight I would have kept more of an eye on that, as the habit is now hard to break.

OrmIrian Tue 30-Dec-08 10:56:13

Thanks bink. Sorry should have read the other thread but didn't think it was the same. DS has a little lisp's quite sweet grin

Bink Tue 30-Dec-08 11:03:49

you're right - they are different questions! - I was just apologising for harping on about ds again

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