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Vomiting with no obvious cause or pattern- one year old

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mangaroa Mon 29-Dec-08 04:23:50

Wee girl has been vomiting off and on for last 4 days.
ysterday it was yoghurt, day before it was lunch, day before both breakfast and dinner.
Toast stays down, milk mostly, no pattern nor obvious reason. Wee girl is happy and active and sleeping well. Doctor shrugged shoulders! any ideas?

purepurple Mon 29-Dec-08 09:12:10

did the doctor ask you to keep a food log of everything she eats? There might be a pattern emerging that cuold pinpoint a food intolerance. Or has she worked out that she gets lots of attention for throwing up? If she is otherwise fit and well, then maybe you could try thw softly softly approach. When she vomits don't make a fuss, just clean her up, don't mention the vomiting, just act as if it is normal. You don't mention her age but children are very clever at an early age!

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