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Chickenpox appeared on thurs to - ok take dd to wedding on mon?

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noolia Sat 27-Dec-08 09:17:54

DD (9 m0nths) has chickenpox - just one spot on her cheek, I'm 99% sure it's c pox. We've got a wedding on mon, my instincts say don't go but I don't want to miss it unessecarily! How long are they infectious?

littleducks Sat 27-Dec-08 09:32:54

until spots crust over 5-7 days (sorry)

dontbitemytoes Sat 27-Dec-08 19:04:12

please don't go unless you are totally sure she is non-contagious. I caught chicken pox from a wedding when i was 21, having never had it as a child. I was so unbelievably ill and wouldn't wish it on anyone. Interestingly, I was told by the doctor that I was contagious until the spots had completely gone hmm

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