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Anyone know what this might be?

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hercules1 Fri 26-Dec-08 09:51:59

DD (5) in agony during the night with pain in her vagina and bottom. It started earlier in teh day but as she can be quite moany I didnt think much about it. It hurt more when she went to the toilet. There is nothing to see and she is still sleeping off a really bad night.

hercules1 Fri 26-Dec-08 09:52:31

The only thing I can think off is she had some lemonade yesterday which she's never had before (only half a glass).

ChirpyGrinch Fri 26-Dec-08 10:33:09

Urine infection or cystisis? Is she weeing more than normal?

hercules1 Fri 26-Dec-08 10:35:41

No, no more wees than usual.

ChirpyGrinch Fri 26-Dec-08 10:40:58

Hmm, I dont know really. Infections would mean weeing more normally so thats not it.
Is she still hurting today then? could she have bumped herself yesterday o something?

ChirpyGrinch Fri 26-Dec-08 10:42:17

sorry, not being much help really! am expert on urine infections but beyond that know nothing!

mrsnoname Fri 26-Dec-08 15:42:33

our DD had this twice in the last 3 yrs, but her down below bits, (especially her vagina) were fairly red. Both times she was prescribed some ointment for bacterial skin infection and it cleared up in no time.
Hope yours turns out to be something simple as well.

notmyname Fri 26-Dec-08 15:45:01

urinary infection.

hercules1 Fri 26-Dec-08 15:50:58

Thanks for replies. She is much better now and has been to the loo without complaining. I am wondering if it was just the lemonade.

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