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Blood in nappy

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needmorecoffee Thu 25-Dec-08 17:55:33

dd is 4 so cant be hormones from me. Not sure if it was from bottom or not but looked like mucusy blood. She's been putting on weight and is on epilepsy meds but I'm worried that she might have damage in the hormone parts of the brain (she's got brain damage) and its brining on puberty or something.
Any ideas?

Gorionine Thu 25-Dec-08 18:16:27

2 of my children caught a bacteria called campylobacter from a bird we were given and both had blood in theyr stool it was very painfull to I woyuld gert it checked asap.


I do hope it is not what your DD has got it lasted about 10 days and was truely horrible for them (they were 4 and 2 year old)

Gorionine Thu 25-Dec-08 18:17:45

Sorry for typos I am feeding DD4 at the moment!

Sawyer64 Thu 25-Dec-08 18:18:36

Any constipation or straining?

Often Mucusy blood can be from back passage,often passed when people have IBS or similar conditions.

needmorecoffee Thu 25-Dec-08 19:29:43

she is a bit constipated but is otherwise well. Am having a froth!

Gorionine Thu 25-Dec-08 19:39:02

If she is constipated, very little chance of being campylobacter, I think you can cross this one out.

IAmTheNewQueenOfMN Thu 25-Dec-08 20:31:28

thats happened to me, not my kids

IAmTheNewQueenOfMN Thu 25-Dec-08 20:31:29

thats happened to me, not my kids

IAmTheNewQueenOfMN Thu 25-Dec-08 20:39:20

please excuse last two posts
my drunk Step son and I were fightin over a wee game so then I won and he decided to post somethin stupid on a random thread to try and be annoying


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