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Dd (19mo) making weird grunting sound

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Pinkjennybellrock Mon 22-Dec-08 14:28:57

We've been to A&E about this before, and were told by the Paed that toddlers do this when they've got a cold, it's just clearing their airways. She's had a cold on and off for ages, and I have noticed her quietly grunting when she exhales. Not with every breath though.

She isn't in any respiratory distress, chest not depressing or nostrils flaring or anything. She's at home with dh, and he put her on the phone, and I could hear her doing it. She is talking and eating and drinking.

Do I need to do anything? Does she need to go to the GP?

Pinkjennybellrock Mon 22-Dec-08 14:42:00


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