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Anyone got DC's that are coughing so much they're vomiting?

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RiojaLover75 Sat 20-Dec-08 17:59:53

We've had both of ours being sick from coughing. Anyone had same problem? Can give DC1 Ipecac but DS2 is too young for anything other than simple cough syrupsad. Actually he's 1.7, would you give him something only for 2+??

Have managed to hide Medised in the fruit pots tonight and am NOT giving them any dairy products. I don't relish the thought of waking up to puky beds again <boak>

ByThePowerOfBaileys Sat 20-Dec-08 18:08:15

Ah much sympathy from the Baileys house... DS1 was doing this for alot of last winter.. it was really a case of sitting it out sadly!

and am not sure if I would give 2 year old medicine to a 1.7 which med is it?

bellaBuonNatalevita Sat 20-Dec-08 18:33:49

My DS1 now 11.6 still vomits with coughing. He does have a brown and blue inhaler which do help, but sometimes he has not control over it.

AliceTheCamelHasGotTheHump Sat 20-Dec-08 18:37:17

Both mine do this every time they get a cough and cold (2.6 and 7 months). Infuriating isn't it. I've never given anything other than occasional Calpol for the coldy snotty side of things. A big fleece blanket by the side of the bed saves the carpet. I also put a soft rubber waterproof under the sheet to save the mattress.

pagwatch Sat 20-Dec-08 18:46:00

Actually I am usually pleased when DD vomits as it is usually a sign that she is nearly over it.
She always has this when she gets coughs/asthma

RiojaLover75 Sat 20-Dec-08 20:58:03

<waves at pagwatch>, remember the bearded lady thread??!!

Have tried the chopped onion thing too but they're both still coughing away like crazy. Poor beans! Off to the Dr on Monday then I reckon.

loobeylou Mon 22-Dec-08 15:03:22

try getting them to sleep sat up, helps with DD (7) but deps on age of child

pagwatch Mon 22-Dec-08 15:09:28

<<pag waves back - all excited like grin>>

Haven't seen the lovely beardy one for a while. But then town centre is just barking and heaving at the mo..

<<pag preens at making thread-relevent bearded lady reference>>

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