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painful chicken pox on penis, what to do please!!

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loobeylou Wed 10-Dec-08 10:23:42

DS (3) has chicken pox. Is now really complaining about willy being sore, it looks a mess, red, swollen and sore. he is complaining it hurts when he wees. Am waiting for Dr to ring me back - anyone been through this, what can I do ( doing calpol and piriton only at the mo)

RubyrubytheRubynosedReindeer Wed 10-Dec-08 10:24:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

loobeylou Wed 10-Dec-08 10:27:43

ruby -he won't let me near him with "the dabbing medicine" - it's too cold!

randomxmas Wed 10-Dec-08 10:29:33

Put lots of porridge oats in a sock/tights, close it up & put in the bath. This will be really soothing.

Thesugarplummoonmother Wed 10-Dec-08 10:31:54

My DD hated having Calomine dabbed on when she had chicken pox, we warmed it gently in the microwave (poured some in a pot -in micro for 15 secs) and painted it on with a small new paintbrush- she didn't mind being painted and giggled lots cos it tickled smile

blowninonabreeze Wed 10-Dec-08 10:33:17

Try pouring a jug of tepid water over it when he wees. (might be easier in the bath)

You have my sympathy DD1 also down with the pox at the mo.

loobeylou Wed 10-Dec-08 10:44:55

sugar plum - do you think it is safe to heat up calamine lotion? it has the usual "store below 25 C" on it. he does keep saying "warm it up first" !

Am going to try putting him in the bath, that way I can reassure myself its clean. He had balanitis (infected foreskin) when he was 1, so I don't want that again.

Dr said keep an eye on it till tomorrow, swelling should be going down by then, unless it gets worse then they will give anitbiotic cream if necessary

any more top tips from the MN experts?

DesperateHousewifeToo Wed 10-Dec-08 13:46:06

Would germoline with the local anaesthetic be any good just to tide him over until the spots begin to subside.

I know that with both of mine, the worst bit only lasted about 24hours.

Also a choccy bitton for when he does do a wee - to try to prevent him witholding it.

Poor boy - at least he'll be on the mend for christmas

DesperateHousewifeToo Wed 10-Dec-08 13:47:55

If you can't get hold of any bittons, you could try a choccy button, lol.

thisisyesterday Wed 10-Dec-08 13:54:14

the BEST thing ever we found for chicken pox is the calamine cream.
boots do it, calamine and glycerin. you can warm it up in your hands first, and spread it on quite nice and thick and it stays there instead of being all runny like the lotion.

really fab stuff

loobeylou Wed 10-Dec-08 14:15:24

this is yesterday, had not heard of calamine cream, might try that (DHs work is next door to Boots!!)

Desperatehousewife - DS has had a packet of chocolate buttons already, just cos i feel so sorry for him!

Flipreverse2006 Thu 06-Nov-14 17:03:35

My son is 5years old and is on day 4 of chickenpox. He has about 10 spots on his penis, on the glands (head) and the foreskin. The Dr has said that the ointments/creams that are normally put on the body for CP cannot be put on the penis. Piriton the antihistamine is the only thing that can be used to relieve the itching.

I wasnt aware that if he touches the spots, then wherever he touches after the spots will spread to. He has one next to his eye and 4 on his lips, with 1 at the back of his mouth too. I feel so helpless, they are still only soft spots at the moment but when they start to scab its will be so painfull for him.

Im not too keen on calamine lotion as when it drys up it becomes hard and makes the skin itchier. Vira soothe cooling gel seems ok so far. I was recommened NEEM POWDER which you can put into the bath, or mix with water to make a paste and put directly onto the spots. I put the paste into the microwave to warm it up as my son cried anytime i put something cold on him.

Hope this helps

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